Namak Issk Ka: What is Kahani’s planning to expose Iravati?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka is nearing its finale and things have started to unfold now. Kahani and Satya have joined hands in their fight against Iravati. Iravati’s plan are failing again and again but she is ready with her final plan of killing Kahani and framing Satya for the murder. It will be interesting to watch how Kahani escape her plan and bring out Iravati’s truth in front of everyone.

In the previous episode Iravati made some plan with Raunak. Raunak put her plan in action by sneaking into Kahani’s room while Iravati tried to stall Kahani. Satya congratulated Yug and told him to be more careful now because Iravati is very dangerous. Satya asked Yug what is the need of so much planning,we should go and attack from front. Raunak lied to Kahani that he came to place Lord Krishna’s idol here for Yug’s kid. Kahani thought she will expose all lies of Iravati at once. Kahani promised to Lord that her kid will take birth in house where truth wins.

Yug brought Satya to his house and tells her to wait in his car. Saroj told yes we want proof whose kid is this. Raunak insulted Kahani. Grandmother told to call doctor and he will prove who is the father of this kid. Rupa told there can be danger to this kid in the test. Yug asked Kahani what she trying to do and brings her outside to Satya. Yug told now is the time to tell everyone the truth. Satya told now is the time for her to rest and eat good not to fight with Iravati.

Raunak asked why does she want to proof that Kahani is duplicate? Iravati told Raunak Ravikant was about to give the entire property to Kahani so she planned all this.
Iravati told doctor has told to admit Kahani in hospital for paternity test. Iravati told she is about to kill Kahani and protect her family. Raunak gave her Kahani’s dress which he stole from her room

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