Namak Issk Ka: Will Iravati find out about Satya and Karan?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka is now moving according to Satya’s plan of getting Gunjan married to Karan. Satya is trying to convince the family members that Karan is a good guy to marry Gunjan. Kahani has started working on her own plan to escape from Iravati’s clutches. Iravati is sensing something wrong about everything going around and decides to find out. Keep Watching this week to find out if Kahani will escape from Iravati ?

In the previous episode we saw Kahani found a weak spot in the wall and she started working on it to plan her escape. Satya has planned to get Gunjan married to Karan and now Karan is working on her plan to impress the family members.

Satya and Rupa brought Gunjan and convinced her to play the role. Karan romanced with Gunjan and everyone praised him. Iravati showed Kahani video of Satya hugging Yug. Rupa talked with Saroj about getting Gunjan married to Karan.

Satya told Yug is helping Karan so Karan will take care of Gunjan well and asks him to give him a chance. Doctor told her mother’s treatment will take at least one month more. Iravati threatened Satya but Satya makes fun of her. Yug told Satya he signed Karan and tomorrow there will be Puja in house. Yug tried to romance with Satya but fakes falling asleep.

Kahani started creating a hole in the wall and hides it with Lord Shiva’s potrait. Iravati thinks something fishy about Karan. Gunjan is about to meet an accident and everyone runs away but Karan saves her. Karan is talking with Satya and Iravati make a video.

Iravati played the video of Satya and Karan on TV in front of entire of family. Everyone insulted Kahani but Karan told she was just helping him as he confessed about his feeling for Gunjan to her. Grandmother,Yug and Saroj criticised Iravati for creating such a scene in front of everyone and not trusting Kahani. Satya and Karan talk how their plan is working successfully.

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