Namak Issk Ka: Will Kahani finally be able to reveal Iravati’s true face?

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Colors TV Show Namak Issk Ka is gaining popularity among audience as Kahani finally knows the truth about her family and she has found evidence against Iravati. Kahani has also found out about Nishikant and she believes Iravati had something to do with his disappearance. Will Kahani be able to bring out Iravati’s truth? Will Kahani find out more about Yug’s father? Can Kahani unite back with her family? A lot of questions are to be answered,keep watching to find out more.

Kahani searched for the envelope but she is unable to find it anywhere. Iravati arrived there with the envelope and asked Kahani if she is looking for it. Kahani told Iravati to give the papers to her. Yug told Rupa not to cry because Raunak doesn’t deserve it. Saroj told Yug to take Rupa from there. Raunak told Saroj that Yug would have killed him today. Saroj slapped him and tells not to call her mother anymore. Raunak told you only told me to take revenge from her. Saroj told Raunak are you not ashamed of what you did?

Kahani told Iravati she knows all the truth and Iravati can’t hide in lies anymore. Iravati threatened Kahani and burned the papers. Saroj told Raunak why can’t you respect the relations? Saroj told it is all her mistake that she kept hiding his mistake since childhood but now she won’t hide his mistake. Saroj toldRaunak he will have to apologise to Kahani for his mistake.

Yug came in with Kahani and grandmother tells why is she back? Yug td Kahani is his wife and this family’s daughter-in-law. Saroj told she brought her daughter-in-law back and if anyone has problem with that they can leave the house.

Iravati told we have not forgotten that Kahani tried to kill you and Saroj so she is a threat for us. Saroj told Kahani is my daughter-in-law and she is with her. Iravati tells Kahani even your father blamed you. Yug told Kahani is his wife she won’t give any clarification. Yug told even Gunjan did a mistake but why you never asked clarification from her? Yug asked Ravikant you are Kahani’s father how could you blamer her? How could you not support her when you needed her the most? Yug and Kahani spent romantic moments together.

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