Namak Issk Ka: Will Kahani forgive Ravikant?

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Colors Tv show Namak Issk Ka is on a interesting track now. Both Yug and Kahani stay firm on their decisions. Yug is adamant to marry Gunjan is Kahani doesn’t withdraw her case. Will Kahani accept her defeat to save her love or will Yug do something?

In the recent episode Yug took Kahani to police station to meet Ravikant. Yug gave Kahani papers and told Ravikant will give you the rights of a daughter,he will find your mother and he won’t just give her rights but also give her a part in property.

Ravikant told he is ready to sign the papers and he is ready to do anything to apologize for his mistake. Kahani told she wants her childhood and her mother,she doesn’t want money. Kahani told she is doing all this for justice.

Yug told Kahani he will marry Gunjan if she does not withdraw the case. Ravikant told why do you want to punish yourself because of me? Kahani tells her entire life is a punishment and she is used to it.

Ravikant tried to stop Yug from making the same mistake he did years ago. Yug tells him not to worry. Some people tried to insult Yug and his family but Kahani gave befitting reply to them and praised Yug.

Rupa tried to stop Yug from making this mistake. Yug told all this is just a drama and he believes in his love and Kahani won’t let him marry anyone else. Rupa tried to convince Kahani for Yug’s sake while Iravati instigates Kahani more. Kahani threw her childhood key and lock at Yug.

Yug told Kahani to get ready today she will do the Gathjod. Both Yug and Kahani wish all this to stop. Yug decided to eat poison if Kahani doesn’t stop the marriage because it is better to die than leaving a meaningless life. The episode ended with Iravati and Saroj telling Gunjan she is looking very pretty.

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