Namak Issk Ka: Will Kahani get Ravikant arrested?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka has taken a U turn with Kahani deciding to get justice for her mother after finding out Ravikant is her father. Yug wants to save his family while Kahani is adamant on getting Ravikant punished. Will Yug and Kahani get divorced? Will Yug marry Gunjan?

In the recent episode we saw Kahani filing a case in police station against Ravikant. Kahani tells the police her name is Cham Cham Rani and Ravikant Verma is her father and he cheated on her mother. Lawyer tells no one should tell the truth in front of police. Raunak told him not to worry all of us are professional liars here.

Rupa and Gunjan told Ravikant he will be responsible for their destruction if he told the truth in front of police. Police tells Ravikant has to come to police station. Ravikant told Iravati he will fulfil Kahani’s wish now but when he will return Iravati will pay for her mistakes.

Iravati told so you remember everything but you should remember you met Kahani and her mother behind her back. Iravati told Ravikant he can never prove she pushed his car. Ravikant told Iravati he won’t let anything wrong happen with Kahani and after returning he will make Iravati pay for her crime.

Ravikant blessed Kahani and recalls playing with her in childhood. Ravikant left with police. Yug told Kahani to leave the house.

Kahani told the divorce has not yet happened and even after the divorce Yug cannot send her out because half his property and house will be hers. Kahani recalled signing the divorce papers and cries.

Saroj told Yug to give money to Kahani. Gunjan told Yug is giving money to Kahani. Iravati told Gunjan that Yug will marry you on Monday and all this is a part of Saroj’s plan.

Yug gave money to Kahani and told her to withdraw the case or see will watch him marrying Gunjan.

In the upcoming episode Yug and Kahani will go on a date. Yug and Kahani spend time together on a romantic date and they feed each other. Gunjan will stare at them with spitefulness.

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