Namak Issk Ka: Will Kahani tell the truth to Yug?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka is now moving according to Satya’s plan of getting Gunjan married to Karan. Satya is trying to convince the family members that Karan is a good guy to marry Gunjan. Kahani has started working on her own plan to escape from Iravati’s clutches. Iravati is sensing something wrong about everything going around and decides to find out. Keep Watching this week to find out if Kahani will escape from Iravati ?

In the previous episode Kahani and Satya swapped places. Kahani decided to tell everything to Yug. Yug asked her what is the reason for change in her behavior. Kahani is about to tell the truth to Yug but Karan took Yug from there.
Kahani got a call from doctor that her mother’s condition is very bad and asked her to come to hospital. Kahani decided to give Satya the chance to meet her mother. Kahani gets emotional with Rupa and tells her she is lucky to find a sister like her.

Kahani came to meet Satya and tells her that her mother’s condition is critical. Kahani thoughy she got to spend some time with Yug and now she will spend rest of her time with the memories. Satya reached hospital and watches the doctors trying to save her mother. Satya prayed to God to save her mother.
Kahani prayed to Lord Shiva to save Satya’s mother anyhow. Doctor told Satya now her mother will be well slowly and asks Satya to let her rest. Iravati thought she will put and an end to Kahani and Satya today. Iravati tells Kahani’s blood group is O negative and when Satya’s blood report comes out she will be caught. Iravati called doctor and the episode ended with doctor telling he will email the reports to Yug.

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