Namak Issk Ka: Will Ravikant reveal Iravati’s truth?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka is on a rise in the TRP charts as Kahani signs the divorce papers and decides to get Ravikant punished. Can Yug change her mind? Will Ravikant reveal Iravati’s truth?

Yug thought Kahani should change her decision while Kahani thought of staying firm on her decision. Raunak told Rupa that her father is worse than him and still she is protecting him. Iravati created a drama by crying and telling her life will be ruined if Kahani doesn’t withdraw the case.

Iravati recalled her pusing the car from the cliff and decides to meet Ravikant in prison before he told the truth to police. Rupa tried to convince Kahani to withdraw her case but Kahani told Rupa to try and understand her situation. Ravikant told Iravati that he will tell the truth about Nishikant to everyone and he will expose Iravati in front of everyone.

Iravati told only she knows where is Kahani’s mother and sister and blackmailed Ravikant to keep following her instructions if he ever wants to find out about them. Yug thought Kahani is very angry how to convince her and he told her to come in balcony. Yug told Kahani she looks beautiful in maroon color. Yug made pasta and thought today he will feed his wife with his own hand.

Kahani dressed beautifully in a maroon dress and called Yug. Yug had set up a date for her. Oo Sajanva played in BM as Kahani and Yug stare at each other. Yug held Kahani’s hand and brings her to the dinner table. Yug fed pasta to Kahani and asked her how is it? Kahani told salt is less and it is spicy but your love has made it perfect. Yug feeds Kahani and told her he loves her a lot. Kahani told Yug she cannot change her decision.

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