Namak Issk Ka: Will Suraiya separate or unite Kahani and Yug?

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Colors TV popular show Namak Issk Ka’s is heading towards new track as Yug and Kahani’s new married life with love and twists has started. Whole Rajput family, Gunjan and Iravati are trying hook and crook methods to throw away Kahani from Yug’s life. It will be interesting to see how Yug and Kahani’s love will cross all the hurdles in their way and win.

In the last episode, Pandit Ji tried explaining Rajputs and Gunjan that Yug is not in Gunjan’s fate. Gunjan lashed out at Pandit ji and made him leave the house.

Saroj also made a plan and called Ravikant’s doctor with a fake letter to make Kahani leave the house. But Kahani showed smartness and proved the letter to be fake. Yug decided to become bad in Gunjan’s eyes so that he could get rid of her, but failed initially.

In the upcoming episode, Saroj will reach Suraiya and ask her help to separate Kahani and Yug. She will tell her that she snatched her husband but now she cannot handle another dancer snatching her son Yug. Suraiya in confusion will ask Saroj her husband’s name. Saroj will talk harsh and not tell her what she asked.

Other side, Kahani will show no issues when Yug will tell her that he failed to tell Gunjan that he doesn’t love her and married Kahani on his own wish. Saroj will give a lot of money to Suraiya and the latter will agree to do her work. Kahani and Yug at Rajput Mansion will spend some quality time with each other and have noodles.

Gunjan will spoil their moments. She will talk Harsh with Kahani. Saroj will catch Yug hiding from Gunjan. She will indirectly scold him and tell him that he is also becoming like his father. She will also warn him to save his family.

Next, Suraiya will call and ask Kahani to meet her. She will call Yug too, threatening him of Kahani’s safety. Yug will get worried for Kahani and make a run. Saroj will think that she would forget all pain, insults, and sadness and will bless Suraiya if she would complete her task of separating Yug and Kahani.

As per information from sources, Namak Issk Ka Cast has reached Ramoji film city Hyderabad to continue their shoot. Sources also inform that Iravati will too return soon with a plan and powers to defeat Kahani.

When will Saroj understand that Gunjan is not right match for Yug? How will Yug get rid of Gunjan?

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