Namak Issk Ka: Will Yug accept Kahani?

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Colors show Namak Issk Ka took a turn when Iravati and Kahani made a deal to save Yug. Audience is hooked to watch if Yug will leave Kahani after knowing such shocking news.

Yug told he is a normal human being so he was very angry when came to know about the abortion but he thought if Kahani would have forgave him if the mistake would have been made by him. Kahani told she would have been hurt a lot but she would have stayed with Yug. Yug told he will do the same. Yug told he loves Kahani truly.

Yug told Kahani made a mistake so he will forgive her but he will stay with her. Yug told Gunjan he grew up but she is still a kid. Saroj slaps Yug and asks are you a man’s kid? Yug tells he is child of his mother so how can he leave Kahani?

Yug told Kahani to forgive him because of what he said to her in hospital.Yug and Kahani shared a romantice moment and hugged each other. Saroj and Dolly watched them from far. Dolly told she thought Yug will push Kahani out of house but they are even more closer. Rupa remembers Kahani calling her elder sister and she tells Iravati that she cannot continue this lie anymore. Iravati threatened Rupa to send her out of the house with her kids. Yug called everyone downstairs and tells from today Kahani is also a member of this family and she will eat with us on dining table. Gunjan asks what will happen to me? What will happen to my mangalsutra and what will happen to our relation? Kahani told Gunjan to accept her fate and move forward and apologizes to her. Iravati tells Gunjan to stop giving suicide threats and the episode ends with Iravati telling Gunjan not to give threats and go back to her room.

What is Iravati planning?

What will Gunjan do now?

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