Namak Issk Ka: Will Yug and Kahani come closer?

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Yug told Gunjan that she is and always will be his best friend. Gunjan runs away from there telling to keep his friendship with himself. Ravikant thought Kahani and Gunjan both are my daughters. He thought Yug and Gunjan were never meant to be together and Yug and Kahani will always be together. Yug and Kahani sit on dining table. Iravati told even she will have dinner and sits on dining table. Saroj tells she would prefer to stay hungry rather than eating with Kahani.

Ravikant nods and told Dolly he his happy with happy with Yug and Kahani’s marriage. Two men told we heard Yug married this dancer and she was about to give birth to Raunak’s kid. Yug told all this is true and one more thing my Kahani is pure like Gangajal and it would be better if you respect her.

Raunak told Saroj why don’t you throw Yug out of the house? When Yug won’t have any money he will forget all the love. Kahani tells Yug not to worry so much and there is no need to leave the house,slowly she will win everyone’s heart and everything will be alright. Yug pulls Kahani near him and they fall on the bed on each other. Kahani falls over Yug and they stare into each other’s eyes.

Kahani told Iravati to giver her a chance and she will become a very good daughter-in-law. Iravati told she will spend everyday with hatred for Kahani. Kahani told Iravati you might have a lot of powers but she have Yug’s love and warns Iravati not to come in between her and Yug. Gunjan told Iravati that when she was a child Iravati made a restaurant open at 3 am for Gunjan now she is crying daily and Iravati is just watching? Iravati tells Gunjan to come with her.

In the upcoming episode Iravati will tell Gunjan will Yug himself will come to her with marriage proposal and if he doesn’t she will shoot herself on the eleventh day.

What will Gunjan make Iravati do?

Can Yug and Kahani face all the difficulties together?

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