Namak Issk Ka: Will Yug forgive Raunak?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk Ka is topping TRP charts as Iravati burns the final evidence against her. Yug shows his love for Kahani and stands with her. Will Yug believe Kahani when she tells him the truth about Iravati and his father? How will Iravati stop Kahani from revealing her truth? Can Yug save Kahani from Iravati’s evil plan?

Kahani told Yug there are a lot of things that he doesn’t know and those things can change his life. Yug told Kahani will change is life. Yug and Kahani were about to kiss but Rupa comes there and tells Raunak is back home. Raunak apologised to Rupa and Kahani. Yug got Raunak arrested.

Kahani though she will find new evidence against Iravati and expose all her lies. Gunjan asked Iravati what is all this happening? Iravati told Gunjan she has not done anything that gives her the right to ask questions. Kahani told Gunjan she chose this way herself. Kahani told Iravati she lost even after winning. Police told Yug they are taking Raunak to court for hearing. Yug told all this is Raunak’s doing and he will be punished for his crime.

Kahani confronted Iravati and told her to confess her truth in front of everyone or Kahani will expose her. Kahani asked did you think what will happen when Yug finds out you were a dancer who ruined this family? Kahani tells Iravati it is her last chance to tell the truth to everyone or she will do so. Yug told Raunak that till now he doesn’t realize his mistakes.

Saroj decided to meet Kahani in temple. Iravati made Kahani emotional and ask for one final chance from her. Iravati asked Kahani not to break her family. Iravati told Kahani to think about Rupa and give her one chance. Kahani told Iravati to tell the truth to everyone herself. Saroj called Kahani to temple to tell her about Nishikant. Iravati put her plan in action and pushed Kahani down from the stairs.

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