Namak Issk Ka: Will Yug give entire property to Iravati?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka is coming to an end and viewers expect a happy ending to the show. Iravati’s truth is finally out in front ov everybody but she still hasn’t accepted defeat. Iravati offered to tell Nishikant’s whereabouts in exchange for the entire property.

In the previous episode Iravati made a deal with Yug to find Nishikant if he gave her entire property. Yug told Kahani that Iravati took everything away from him but because of her he got everything back. Saroj tells Kahani she always considered her a dancer but she could never see how pure her heart was. Saroj thanked Kahani for showing her Iravati’s truth and asks forgiveness from her. Saroj tells Kahani she saved her husband so she is forever in Kahani’s debt. Grandmother feeds Satya with her hand and thanks her that finally she will meet her son tomorrow after many years.

Iravati and Raunak planned to kill everyone. Suddenly accident occurs and Police told they checked the CCTV footage and they will have to arrest Rupa. Footage shows Rupa removed the brakes of Raunak and Iravati’s car. Grandmother breakdown watching Raunak’s deadbody. Gunjan cried looking at her mother’s dead body.

Rupa told Yug she found out Nishikant is not alive and Iravati planned with Raunak to kill all of you so she saved everyone and removed Iravati and Raunak’s brakes. Rupa told they all were so happy,and told all of you would have forgiven Iravati and Raunak if they asked forgiveness. Rupa told she had to break this cycle so killed Iravati and Raunak because it was necessary to stop the tears of this family. Rupa told Kahani she will be back and told her not to worry Satya will take care of her. Rupa got arrested.

After six months grandmother is feeding kheer to Kahani and tells to eat more so the kid will be fair and healthy. Kahani told she is missing Satya and wishes Satya returned from her shoot. Satya came home and tells she has a surprise from them. Rupa told Satya gave application for her parole and it got approved. Rupa told Kahani how could she not come on her delivery. The show ended with the entire family happy together.

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