Namak Issk Ka: Will Yug really marry Gunjan?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka has take a turn in track as Kahani decides to divorce Yug for seeking justice for her mother. Yug is trying to convince Kahani to change her decision while Iravati and Gunjan want to use the situation to get Yug and Gunjan married.

What will Ravikant do? Will Kahani forgive her father? Will Yug marry Gunjan?

In the recent episode Iravati told it is better if Ravikant stays in prison till Yug marries Gunjan because if Kahani and Yug reunite they will send us out of the house. Gunjan increased Kahani’s anger so that she stays firm on her decision.

Yug told Saroj he is thinking maybe Kahani is right. Saroj told Yug to stay firm on his decision of marrying Gunjan and Kahani will change her decision.
Kahani thinks Yug loves her a lot and no can seperate them.

Kahani called her lawyer and he suggested her to tell the media about her case. Yug got angry on listening to this and told he will marry Gunjan. Yug confessed to Gunjan this all is a drama to scare Kahani.

Gunjan todl she knows and we have to make Kahani believe this all is not just a drama. Kahani prayed to God and tells no one is supporting her and asks God to show her the right way. A mental patient comes running and the staff nurse tells she became like this when she got seperated from her kids.

Kahani thought even her mother might be in this condition because of Ravikant so she will stay firm on her decision. Iravati tells Rupa to bring haldi. Iravati told Kahani doesn’t care if Yug is with her or Gunjan.

Gunjan and Yug come home after shopping for marriage. Gunjan showed her dresses to Juhi. TV showed news of Kahani accusing Ravikant and Yug agreed to Haldi rasam in anger.

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