Namak Issk Ka: Will Yug support Kahani?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk Ka is gaining popularity among audience as Iravati’s past is finally revelation. Iravati still hold the cards and continue blackmailing Ravikant by threatening to kill Kahani’s mother and sister. Will Kahani understand the reason by Ravikant’s behaviour? When will Kahani find her mother? Will Kahani help Yug find out about his father?

Yug supported Kahani but Bheesan Singh continue to accuse Kahani. Kahani started crying and tells everyone is lying. Iravati asked if it is lie,didn’t your leg get hurt in morning how did you come running to save Yug? Kahani was about to tell about Iravati’s truth but Ravikant slapped her and accused Kahani that she came to him and asked for property.

Flashback showed Iravati blackmailing Ravikant and asking him to tell Bheesan Singh to lie for the sake of Kahani’s mother.
Iravati told no one will trust Kahani now and she has to leave the house. Saroj asked Kahani why did you do this? Gunjan called Kahani liar and selfish. Yug told everyone to keep quiet and tells he will find out the truth. Yug told he won’t take any decision till he finds out the truth.

Grandmother told she has a condition that if Kahani is getting a chance she should get Raunak bailed. Kahani told Rupa not to worry she won’t leave her side. Saroj told Kahani either Raunak will come to this house today or Kahani will leave the house. Yug coughed and blood came from his mouth. Grandmother took Kahani away from Yug.

Doctor told Yug is fine and let him rest. Iravati acted in front of Saroj and told Ravikant why don’t you give your property to Kahani our life is more important than money. Saroj told she won’t bear her son getting hurt and leaves from there angrily. Kahani and Rupa pray to God. Saroj dragged Kahani out of the house and told her to bring Raunak back. Iravati told Ravikant to send Kahani out of the house.

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