Namak Issk Ka: Yug and Kahani to get romantic

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Colors TV popular show Namak Issk Ka’s is heading towards big twists and turns. Yug and Kahani’s new married life with love and twists will start now. It will be interesting to see how Yug and Kahani will together will face hurdles made by their family against their love, especially Iravati.

In the last episode, family took Saroj home and got shocked to see Kahani inside the house. Yug performed Kahani’s Griha Pravesh. Other side Iravati gained more powers and planned to defeat or kill Kahani on some special night.

Yug shared his pain and helplessness with Ravikant and Kahani. Saroj on other side will think to find Yug’s father to bring Yug on right path.

In the upcoming episode, Yug will ask Gunjan what she will do, if he says that he doesn’t love her but someone else. Gunjan will give a scary reply to Yug by keeping knife on his neck. She will say that for her their love is most important.

Yug will assure scared Kahani that only she has rights on him not Gunjan. Yug and Kahani’s will have a cute and romantic talk in midnight.

Saroj will take Kahani’s phone and stop her from meeting Yug. Saroj will ask Kahani’s why is Yug calling her in midnight. She will also ask Kahani if Yug confessed his love to her.

Saroj will again ask Kahani’s to leave the house and not be a pain or burden on Yug. Yug will reach Kahani’s room and get shocked seeing Saroj there. Gunjan will too reach there and question Yug.

Rani will too woke up and help Yug and Kahani. Gunjan will again taunt Kahani. Yug will take Kahani with him. Saroj will decide to keep Yug away from Kahani.

Yug will try to get romantic with Kahani’s. Kahani’s will give cute and innocent kisses to Yug. Yug will too kiss Kahani on her forehead. Next morning Yug will take Kahani to his family Pandit Ji.

Yug will tell Pandit Ji his and Kahani’s story and seek help and advice from him. He will ask Pandit Ji to reveal and explain his family about his and Kahani’s love and marriage as his words affect his family.

Yug will answer Pandit Ji’s questions and tell him that he can’t love Gunjan ever. Pandit Ji will call Yug and Kahani’s love pure. Here Gunjan will search Kahani and Yug other side Pandit Ji will ask Yug something.

Pandit Ji will reach Rajput house behind Kahani. Pandit Ji will shock family by telling them that Yug and Gunjan’s marriage will never happen. Gunjan will look at him in anger.

Whether Gunjan will loose her control on Pandit Ji’s words? Will Saroj understand that Gunjan is not right match for Yug?

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