Namak Issk Ka: Yug promises Saroj to punish Kahani.

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka is now on a interesting track when the two sisters might come in front of each other. Satya is on a run after Yug promises to punish her because she accused his mother falsely.
Iravati and Gunjan plan to bring real Kahani out and get her punished in Satya’s place. Kahani is going to shock audience with her move. It would be interesting to watch what happens when the truth comes out.

Rupa told Yug to give another chance to Kahani. Yug gets angrier when he found out that Kahani has fled. Yug told he made a mistake and he tells Kahani now he will hate Kahani more than he used to leave her. Yug promised Saroj that he will make Kahani apologise to her. Satya was trying to hide from Yug and finds the room in which Kahani is locked. Iravati told Gunjan to tie Kahani’s mouth and bring her upstairs.

Kahani heard a knock on the door and pleads her to open the door. Satya asked who is inside? Kahani told her to break the lock and help her. Satya told she doesn’t have the key stills she tries to open the lock. Satya heard someone coming down and runs away form there. Kahani kept knocking on the door and asking for help. Kahani thought if that was Satya her sister and why would anyone send her to jail?

Iravati told Saroj to promise if she finds Kahani she will punish her. Raunak came there and told Gunjan has found Kahani. Yug told now Kahani will go to jail. Yug told Saroj to take the decision because Kahani did wrong to her. Saroj told Yug to call the police. Yug called police and tells he wants to file a complaint. Kahani shocked everyone by telling to file a complaint against Gunjan Verma.

In the upcoming episode Kahani will tell that whatever she did from freeing Raunak,breaking Juhi’s rishta and sending Saroj to jail,she was forced by Gunjan and Iravati. Kahani asks Gunjan to speak if it is the truth and Gunjan agrees with her leaving Iravati shocked.

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