Namak Issk Ka: Yug to break Kahani’s heart once again

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is witnessing Yug and Kahani facing tough challenges after their marriage. Iravati’s black magic truth, Yug’s innocence, Rony’s crimes and Kahani’s honesty to Yug got revealed. Ravikant slipped into coma. Yug and Kahani became friends.

In the last episode, Rupa thanked Kahani for saving her from the blast. Kahani gifted Yug a stole and they had romantic moments on Holi. Rani and Lucky got happy witnessing Kahani and Yug happy and dancing together. Gunjan searched for Yug. Iravati revealed Rony about her another murderous plan to kill Kahani.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will get to watch that Iravati makes Rony setup her wire current plan to kill Kahani. Kahani returns with Yug. Saroj slaps drunk Yug. Before next slap Kahani stops Saroj. She asks her to let Yug get sober then she can ask Yug anything. She ask Rony not instigate family about her. Rani and Lucky scares Rajputs that they will call police if they did anything to Kahani.

Kahani takes Yug to her room. Iravati has to end her plan of killing Kahani to stop Yug from becoming its victim. With Rony’s help she takes out the current wire from Kahani’s room which she had kept there to kill her.

Kahani tells Rajputs that Yug confessed his love to her so she will not go anywhere. Family refuse to believe that Yug confessed love to Kahani. Kahani fights for her love with Rajputs. Gunjan gets angry on family’s silence and gets uncontrollable. Rupa controls her and ask her to confirm from Yug the next morning.

Kahani thanks unconscious Yug for confessing his love to her. She cries and talks to him. Lucky and Rani praise Kahani and Yug’s Jodi. Next morning Kahani asks Yug to confirm his family that he confessed his love to her on Holi (day before). Yug denies his confession. Kahani fails to prove her words without proofs. It seems Iravati deleted all the proofs Kahani had. Yug requests Kahani to not to do what she is doing.

Will Iravati again try to kill Kahani? Will Yug recall his love confession to Kahani? What will be Kahani’s next step? When will Ravikant come out of coma? When will Rupa reveal about her pregnancy to Rajputs? What twist will their relation take now?

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