Namak Issk Ka: Yug to accept Kahani as his wife!

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is witnessing Rajputs trials to stop Yug from inclining towards Kahani. Last viewers watched that with god’s blessings Kahani woke up from her dead condition. In future episodes, viewers will witness Yug’s growing concern towards Kahani.

In the last episode, Raunak tried searching Kahani. He also made his goon attack Rani, but Yug saved her on time. On the other side, Village women who saved Kahani advised her to stay with her till Yug himself comes to her and express his feelings.

On the other hand, Rajputs happiness faded away seeing that Yug brought Rani back to the house. Yug got engaged into a tiff with his family for Rani. He even suspected Raunak behind attack on Kahani. Later, Dolly shared her suspicion of Kahani’s suicide with Saroj.

In the upcoming episode, Village woman will use an example of butter making process to explain Kahani that true love too takes time to be realized. Kahani will think if the village woman’s words are right; will being in distance make Yug realize his love for her.

Yug will recall Kahani’s words that she is fed up and leaving. He will ask some nearby people what he did on Holi. They will tell him that he confessed his love that day. He will think how could he confess his feelings for Kahani when his marriage is fixed with Gunjan; why he is not happy when she has already left?

Hearing an old man and his grandson’s conversation, Yug‘s whole confusion will get cleared and he will wish Kahani to come back. He will think to give Kahani her answer. Raunak will scold his goon and ask him to try to do his work again. Kahani will share about Ravikant with village woman. She will request her to bring Rani to her. Both Yug and Kahaani will miss and recall moments with each other.

On the other side, recalling Raunak’s words, Harsh will hit Rani with his ball. Rupa will scold Harsh and raise her hand on him, but he will speak I’ll about Kahani. Gunjan and Saroj will taunt Rupa.

Rupa will scold Gunjan for talking ill about Rani and Kahani. Saroj will scold Rupa and support Gunjan. Yug will be seen taking Police’s help to search Kahani. Village woman will meet Yug and tell him about Kahani’s lost smile.

Kahani will end up crying even after village girls various trials of making her smile. Iravati will be seen taking a tantric woman’s help to get powers to defeat Kahani. Village woman will ask Yug to go to Kahani. Yug will happily run to blindfolded Kahani. He will open her blindfold. While Kahaani will send angry with him, he will look at her hopefully.

In further episode, Yug will answer Kahani that she is his wife.

Will Kahani forgive Yug easily? Whether Yug will get to know Kahani’s birth truth through Ravikant?

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