Namish Taneja excels in his role as Vivek Vardhan Singh in Vidya

Colors TV popular show Vidya focuses on various issues in society through the leads of the show Vidya and Vivek. It focuses on the life of Vidya who is an uneducated village school teacher and also a young widow. Vidya overcomes the hardships of her life with her one and only supports Vivek Vardhan Singh who comes as the Dm of the place and later becomes her love interest.

Namish Taneja who plays the character of Vivek Vardhan Singh excels in the complex character in a brilliant way. Apart from being the Dm of the place, Vivek is expected to Don various roles like Prem Pratap Banaradwale, Toofan Singh, etc. Namish with his splendid performance showed variations in all the roles presenting the character in its best way possible.

From a supportive lover to a strict and straight forward officer Vivek becomes one of the best male lead ever and Namish portrays it in a flawless way. Apart from all this, there was a scene where Vivek would be electrocuted. While shooting the for the same Namish gets electrocuted for real making him rush to the hospital. Despite the major accident that would have even cost his life, he resumes shooting right after his recovery. Thus his devotion to his work makes the character come out in a more realistic way.

On the whole, we all love and adore Namish Taneja as Vivek Vardhan Singh. So, What about you? Please leave your views in the comments section below.