Nandhini’s goons Kidnap Purushotaman mistaking him for Sundaram: Sembaruthi

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Zeetamil’s popular show Sembaruthi’s audience are going to witness a major drama in the upcoming storytelling. Earlier it’s seen that Parvathi’s beauty cream clears the demo test successfully and Parvathi becomes the brand ambassador once again. Now it’s seen that Nandhini sends goons to kidnap Sundaram, but they kidnap Purushotaman.

Previously it’s seen Pavathi completes the project successfully. Family congratulates Parvthi. Adhi gives her a suprice to celebrate her victory. However Parvathi isn’t happy. She has misconception that Akhila doesn’t want her to become the brand ambassador. Gajenthiren reveals a shocking truth to Parvathi and Adhi. Akhila got to know that acid was mixed in Parvathi’s cream and saved Parvathi from the defeat. Parvathi is on cloud nine hearing this. Otherside Akhila hods Jennifer at gun point and asks who asked her to mix acid in Parvathi’s cream. Jennifer lies no one asked, she mixed it to earn money using that product. Later, Jennifer informs Nandhini that Akhila got to know the truth. Nandhini becomes furious and tries to shoot Jennifer, but Vanaja stops her in nick time. Vanaja and Nandini plans to kidnap Sundaram and blackmail Parvathi to reject the brand ambassador post.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown Raji will come to congratulate Akhila for her victory, but Akhila will give all the credit to Parvathi. She will ask Arun to call Parvathi to the office to receive Raji’s gift. However Parvathi will send the four grandmas to collect the gift as they have equal rights on the victory. Unaware that Parvathi is the rowdy girl, Raji will get impressed with Parvathi. Otherside Nandhini sends goons to kidnap Sunadram. However they kidnapped Shanmugam mistaking him for Sundaram.

Will Parvathi refuse the brand ambassador coming under Nandhini’s blackmail? Will Parvathi and Adhi be able to rescue Purushotaman?

To know what will happen in your favorite show Sembaruthi, keep checking this space.