National Sports Day: Celebs list their favourite sport, if they play anything and the boost that different kind of sports in India requires

 National Sports Day spreads awareness about the importance of sports in our lives, honours sporting legends and different national sports teams. It is celebrated on August 29, on the birthday of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand, also known as “The Wizard”. He is remembered and celebrated on this day for his contribution to hockey and making India proud in the international circuit. When we talk about staying healthy, sport is one thing that keeps us fit both mentally and physically. On the occasion, celebrities share their love for sports and if they play anything. They also opine about the future of different sports in India and what can be done amid talks around the recognition cricket gets than any sport in India, when that should not be the case. Read on:

Sneh Binny

This National Sports Day, I humbly request all entrepreneurs and business tycoons to dedicate some part of their income towards sports. As a country of 1.3 billion people, and with not many less tax payers, the government has other places to spend the budget but corporations can spend a very small amount towards sports to inspire and nurture young talents, and make India proud, get more glory to India. I don’t really play any sports. I used to play a lot when I was a student, but now I am doing my bit by owning a team at TPL, and being connected with sports in some way. I feel the future of sports in India is in the hands of established businesses and with government support, we Indians can excel in any and every sport we want.
Parull Chaudhry

I don’t play any sports now. But I definitely feel other sports apart from cricket should be highlighted, as then that will give motivation to the players of other sports. Also, just highlighting one sport is unfair. Hockey is our national sport, but we only focus on cricket. Every sport and sportsman should be supported and given encouragement.

Vijayendra Kumeria

I am a huge basketball fan. I used to play basketball in school and college. I feel sports should be encouraged at all levels. It is also true that cricket is worshipped in India. We should encourage other sports like hockey and basketball too. I would also encourage my daughter to play at least one sport regularly. I wish I can get time to play basketball again. With the profession I am in there is  
Sharad Malhotra

I have been fond of cricket throughout my school and college life. Even after becoming an actor, I play cricket wherever possible. I don’t lose the opportunity to even play on the set. Sports help in keeping body and mind both fit. Everyone should be encouraged to play a sport of their choice. Sports is a must irrespective of your age.