Nazar 10th October 2019 written update: New Daivik to enter Ansh and Piya’s lives

The episode starts with Piya trying to revive her Daivik knife but fails. She says that only another Daivik can join the broken knife. They wonder if Adi and Pari are the other Daiviks. Adi and Pari try joining it too but fails. Piya says that nothing could be done anymore and decides to bid the farewell to the knife as per her mother’s saying. She throws it in the sea with a heavy heart. Ansh hugs and consoles a distraught Piya.

Vedashree and Chaitali discuss Ansh and Piya’s wedding anniversary the next day. They find a new neighbor-joining them and go to wish them but he behaves rudely with them and shuts the door. Vedashree says Ansh to cheer up Piya as it’s their wed-wedding anniversary the next day. Ansh asks them not to worry and says he already planned a surprise for her. He leaves to console Piya and his family tries sneaking in them. Ansh consoles Piya but Piya says that she’s not worried as he, her children and her family is with her. They hug each other.

Ansh says about her surprise and takes her flying. Piya’s knife hits an iceberg and it breaks. Piya gets surprised seeing the date arrangements of Ansh. They both kiss. In the meantime, a new Daivik gets released and Piya also sees bow star in the sky. The new Daivik re-assembles Piya’s knife. He has the mark of a bow in his neck too.

Naman comes to Nishant and asks for holidays to spend his time with his wife. Nishant says that this is not a government job to give leave and asks him to go on vacation. Naman and Dilruba get happy. Vedashree wakes up with some sound and goes to check on it. She finds the sound coming from new neighbourhood and enters their house but finds none. She finds the window open and goes to close it but a climber from outside gets stuck in her hand. She removes it but gets hurt. She comes back home. The new Daivik says that he’s coming.

Ansh in his sleep keeps his hand on Piya but gets electrocuted and falls down of the bed. Piya asks what happened but Ansh just brushes it off. Vedashree and Chaitali discuss Ansh and Piya being late.

They discuss the surprise party when Ansh and Piya come there. They immediately divert the topic. Adi and Pari to join their plan. Naman and Dilruba argue over their luggage for vacation. Naman gets fed up with her imli obsession. Ansh and Piya are preparing Adi and Pari’s school bag. Piya asks for a lunch box from Ansh but he gets electrocuted again. They wonder of the same and both get worried. Ansh hand is burnt. Vedashree informs Chaitali about last night’s incident and Chaitali finds it weird.

Precap: Nishant says that another Daivik preventing Ansh from getting close to Piya as he’s black magic.