Nazar 11th February 2020 Written Update: PIYA AND MOHANA’S FURIOUS FIGHT

The episode starts with Mohana urging Ansh to do the marriage. Ansh goes having no other option. Vedashree scolds Chaitali for not prolonging the act. Chaitali says that it was so bitter that she couldn’t tolerate it. They all wonder what to do while Ansh is about to wear the varmala around the bride’s neck.

All of a sudden Nishant comes there and stops the wedding. He asks Piya about how could she remarry without informing her father. The Rathods requests the bride and the groom to leave as its their family matters and they leave.

Mohana sees Nishant and gets reminded of him being a Revavanshi. However Ansh and the family tries lying to her that Nishant is just angry on Piya for her not informing about her marriage and it has nothing to do with them. They gets shocked when Nishant mocks Mohana for getting fooled by the people in spite of being Ayaan shocking everyone.

They asks him what’s he doing but Nishant doesn’t listen to them. They all wonder if he something possessed him as within few minutes Mohana would completely lose her power but Nishant is making it difficult for everyone. Ansh is still trying to pacify a hyperventilating Mohana but much to everyone’s shock Nishant throws Badal water on Mohana.

However Ansh comes in between and gets hurt. Mohana gets furious on seeing her son’s condition and turns into a Dayan shocking everyone. She attacks Nishant and the family members tries interfering but Ansh stops them. Ansh says that it’s not Badal water that’s thrown on him and says them about hearing Nishant’s voice message in which he said about the need for Mohana to turn Dayan in order to save Piya from Visharika.

Mohana is about attack Nishant again when Piya comes in front of her. She says that she was waiting for her to turn in her true form and finally she can get her revenge. Saanvi is on a date with her fiancee and they both order soup. Saanvi leaves to washroom and Naman comes there. He meets her fiancee and says that Saanvi likes only desi guys and teaches him weird behaviour to behave in front of Saanvi. He agrees confused. Piya and Mohana starts fighting while Ansh tries interfering but Nishant stops him. He says that she’s not Piya but Visharika now and Mohana will handle her.

Mohana defeats Visharika and eats her soul and throws Piya out of the balcony but Ansh saves her on time. Everyone gets relieved. The fiancee behaves weird in front of Saanvi and leaves embarrassed. Saanvi notices Naman and asks if it’s his doing. Naman agrees and when Saanvi asks why he reveals his love for her. Saanvi gets happy.

Precap : Nishant says while they were busy watching out for Piya Mohana escaped the place. Mohana enters the house shocking everyone.