Nazar 12th February 2020 Written Update: Ansh gets a surprise party on his birthday

The episode starts with Piya falling from balcony and Ansh falling with her to catch her. Soon her Daivik powers work and they both land safely. Piya is unconscious in Ansh’s arms. Ansh recalls their moments together. He shouts at her to wake up and she wakes up. She apologizes Ansh for troubling him and spoiling his plans. Ansh says that nothing is more important to him than her.

Piya hugs him and they both gets emotional. They both goes back to house and family members gets relieved seeing them. Vedashree thanks God for saving them. They all gets happy. Ansh asks about Mohana and Avinash says that she left right after throwing Piya. Chaitali says that it’s good but Ansh is sure that she will definitely come back for revenge.

Mohana is seeing the stars changing their position and reads it to find that someone is coming to take her Ayaan powers from her and put an end to her life. She decides to find the person. Nishant looks at the Dayan rahasya book damaged and tries collecting but his hands burn. He looks at the moon and notices the change in stars position. He decides to call Pandit.

Piya finds Ansh worried in the balcony and asks what’s it. Ansh says that he was just wondering what would’ve happened if she didn’t go back to Daivik from Visharika. Piya asks him to not think about things that didn’t take place. Ansh says that there are possibilities for ot to happen in future as Mohana will keep coming back and they can’t defeat her every time. Piya asks him to not spoil his present for future. She says tomorrow id his birthday and whole family is excited for it. She asks him to cheer up.

Next day the whole family gets ready to celebrate Ansh birthday. Ansh and Piya comes there and Ansh takes their blessings. Pandit comes there at that time and they all leave for pooja. Naman is at the back of Saanvi who’s getting ready on Nishant’s saying. He asks for her answer while Saanvi hides her smile and asks for time. Naman gives her an hour while Saanvi gets happy seeing his behaviour.

Mohana visits Pratimayan asking for her help passing Badhal water. Pratimayan denies helping her and Mohana gets angry. She says that she knows to find the person herself and takes a bit of Pratimayan’s hair. Pratimayan says that this is the reason she hates her so much as she doesn’t deserve to be trust worthy. Mohana goes to uttar jail and drops a part of the hair to check whether it works. She drops the last bit of hair to find the person identity but she gets shocked as she couldn’t.

The Rathods perform pooja and while leaving Pandit gets everyone’s kundali on Nishant’s saying but hides it from them. Vedashree gets doubtful. Later the family surprises Ansh with a birthday party. Ansh cuts the cake while Adi and Pari demands for the first piece.

Precap : Ansh and Piya feeds Adi and Pari simultaneously