Nazar 12th March 2020 Written Update: PALAK WITNESS MADHU’S TRUE SELF

The episode starts Madhu convincing Urvashi that Appu is just dreaming hearing Palak’s words and asks her to not take it serious. Urvashi is confused when Guruji comes there. He says that not everything they see is the truth. Urvashi says about Palak becoming the enemy of Appu’s life. He says he knows what happened and Urvashi asks if Pandit said everything to him. He says that he has brought the solution in this house and shows Matarani which comes into the house.

Madhu gets shocked seeing it while Palak is hiding behind matarani and enters the house. She asks why this all of a sudden when Pandit answers that it’s needed at this time of hour. Madhu panics. Soon everyone join for arti and performs Arti to matarani while Madhu couldn’t tolerate the sound. Soon arti gers over while Appu goes to find Palak.

Everyone else leaves when Pandit asks Palak to come out and she comes out. He asks her to wait to make Madhu weak and then expose her. He gives her the powder to find Dayan Kawach. Madhu takes it and decides to take Appu’s help in staying the house. She sneaks into Appu’s room and manages to convince him that she’s actually playing hide and seek and he’s in her team. He asks her to protect her from the anyone catching her. Urvashi goes to Appu to convince him about Palak but Madhu tries stopping her as Appu may say the truth to her.

However Urvashi enters his room while Palak hides. Urvashi asks if he remembers what Palak did to him but Appu says that he doesn’t. Madhu says that Appu doesn’t even remember it asks her to not to force him. Urvashi leaves on Appu’s insistence. Palak says Appu that the game will go on till three days and asks him to protect her till then.

Palak sneaks out of the room and finds Madhu preparing milkshake for Appu. She uses the powder given by Guruji and spots the Dayan Kawach which Madhu has put at the entrance of the temple to stop Matarani’s power. She uses the matarani Trishul to break the kawach and Madhu senses it. Palak manages to break it before Madhu could reach and hides herself. Madhu comes there and is about to enter when Matarani power stops her. She flies and sticks to wall revealing her Dayan self.

Palak watches it shocked. She once again checks for her but she disappeared. Appu comes there and hides Palak from Urvashi who is about to spot Palak. Palak sees Madhu mixing hypnotising stone in Appu’s milkshake. Palak watches Madhu giving the milkshake to Appu and leaves but before he could drink it Palak snatches and spills the milkshake on floor. Appu gets angry while Palak goes to make another milkshake. She calls Pandit and says about Dayan kawach and Madhu being Dayan.

Precap : Palak finds Appu’s eyes glowing.