Nazar 13th March 2020 Written Update: IS APPU A DAVANSH?

The episode starts with Palak getting milk shake for Appu and asks if he’s still angry at her. She shakes him and Appu turns. She finds his eyes glowing and gets shocked. Appu is sleeping when Palak calls Pandit and says him about Appu. Pandit asks if she’s sure and Palak assures him that she is. Pandit asks her to take a knife and create a wound on Appu.

Palak denies doing it but Pandit convinces her that the small wound is needed to save him from big problems. Palak does as he said and hides immediately. Ansh wakes up and heals the wound himself and back to sleep. Palak sees it and gets shocked. She informs Pandit of the same. Pandit reveals that Appu is a Davansh.

Madhu is taking bath and is thinking about the strange things happening to her. She realizes that Panditji got to know her truth but wonders who’s helping him with it in the house. Palak is on call with Pandit who asks her to collect ashes from Holika dahan after everyone completes the Pooja. Palak hesitates as everyone will be downstairs but a Pandit says that she has to do this to save Appu.

Everyone gets ready for pooja. Daadi asks Where’s Appu and Madhu says that he’s sleeping. She makes excuse that she’ll stay there to take care of Appu and asks them to go for pooja.. Everyone performs pooja while Palak watches hiding. After every one she collects the burnt ashes and sneaks into Madhu’s room. She finds Madhu sleeping and puts the ashes around the bed and on her shoes and hides under the bed. She finds Appu there and she lies ti him that she’s playing hide and seek and asks him to keep quite. Madhu wakes up and is about to put on her flip-flops when Appu laughs closing his eyes. Madhu gets alert and catches Palak red-handed.

She locks Appu in room and drags Palak using her Choti. She opens the lift door and is about to drop Madhu from it. Madhu recalls Pandit giving her the kawach. She opens it and in the meantime asks her why’s she doing this with her own brother. Madhu reveals that Appu is a Davansh who’s more powerful than her and will be a danger to her. She says she’ll kill him at Amavasya and becomes an EkAyaan shocking Palak. She throws the kawach on Madhu and she leaves Palak. Appu having knocked furious breaks open the door with his power. Madhu strangles her when Palak says that she’ll reveal heer truth to everyone. Everyone comes to out and gets shocked seeing Palak.

Precap : Palak and Madhu dances on Holi. Appu colors Palak