Nazar 14th February 2020 Written Update: MOHANA DECEIVES PIYA AND TAKES BLOOD VOW FROM HER

The episode starts with Ansh telling Mohana that he still thinks that Mohana is betraying them. Piya says that papa thinks Mohana is telling the truth maybe and if she loses they will all be in trouble and they can’t take such a big risk. Ansh agrees to stand with Mohana but together. Piya refuses to let him come since he needs rest and the entire family is with her so he doesn’t need to worry. Ansh asks Piya to promise him that he won’t let anything happen to herself. Piya promises him that she won’t let anything happen to anyone.

Later Piya ties Mohana. The latter tells them that they are inviting that challenger but he had said he would come on Chaturveshi night. Piya has planned to fool him into thinking it is Chaturveshi night only. Saavi asks how she will make him see the moon for that. Piya says she won’t do that but Ayush would. She looks at the sky and asks Aysuh to do it for them despite it is against nature since they are in trouble and they need his help. She requests Ayush to make the moon look like it’s Chaturveshi. Mohana says it’s impossible. Piya asks help to Ayush again. Just then the moon changes its shape. Nishant realizes it’s Ayush helping them. Piya says that the challenger can come anytime now. Naman adds that he can come from anywhere as well.

Suddenly a fireball comes towards them. Nishant asks them all to stay prepared, take their position and attack when he says. Piya says it would take all of them under attack and notices that the fireball is going towards their building. Everybody gets worried for Ansh who is home.

Police at their house sees fire coming and they run away. The fire burns the house.

The family rushes inside the house and sees that the fire has destroyed everything. They look for Ansh and rushes in the room where they see that he is suffocating. Mohana smirks. Piya glares at her.

Later Mohana asks Piya if she believes that she wasn’t lying. Piya asks Mohana why the fireball attacked Ansh first and not her. Mohana replies that it happened because they all were with her.

Piya is hesitant to believe on her words and asks how can they trust her since she has always fooled them only. Mohana promises that if they help her, she will go away from their life forever but asks them to promise that they won’t step back. Piya asks for a guarantee that she will do that. Mohana offers to make a blood vow. She also warns that the one who fights with this challenger may have to lose his/her life. She asks Piya to meet her alone if she agrees.

Meanwhile Pandit ji says that he has to tell about Ansh’s condition to Nishant. Piya tells Mohana that she is ready to be in this vow with you. Mohana warns that whoever breaks it would have to die. Piya agrees and asks to start the pooja.

Patmayan comes to pandit ji. He asks how he is since he was in cave. Patmayan tells that Mohana burned him and that cave as she can do anything to be Aikain, she doesn’t want him to tell anyone who wants to take her powers. Pandit ji asks who can take her powers.

Patmayan says Ansh who isn’t well though.
Vedeshree asks Ansh if he feels better.
Mohana tells Piya that to start this vow they have to add they blood in the jar. Now it’s Piya’s turn. Ansh says why is Piya taking this vow.

Shekhar says she didn’t have any other option. Chetali says she is doing all this for all of them. Vedeshree says they have to do this since if they help Mohana she will leave from their lives. Ansh says she is doing what she has always done and wants to stop Piya who can’t be in this vow. Avi says Mohana said no one can come there till the vidhi is over. Ansh asks Piya not to repeat this mistake. Piya is scared that the challenger might attack him again. Ansh says that she doesn’t have to make this promise. Piya says she has to so she leaves their life forever and they can conduct a normal life.

Pandit ji says that he has to tell Piya and Nishant about it. Pandit ji comes to Piya’s house. He looks for Ansh and Piya. Mohana comes in front of him. She asks what he is doing there and understands that he knows who is going to take my powers. She knew it’s Ansh. Pandit ji blames her for hiding it from everyone.

She says she made everyone think Ansh is in trouble. Pandit ji says she can’t defeat Ansh. Mohana says Piya will have to kill Ansh after this promise and if she doesn’t kill him she will have to die herself. It’s a win-win for me. She shoves pandit ji from there. Pandit ji calls Piya.
Episode ends

Precap: Piya promises Mohana to help her in any situations. Mohana says this is vow bangle which will keep reminding her of her promise and if she breaks it she would die.