Nazar 14th January 2020 Written Update: BARKHA IN DANGER

The episode starts with Ansh and the Rathods taking care of Barkha. They thanks her for her help and apologizes for not being able to save Abhay. They wonder about the chaand raat ras. Nishant says to Adrishi that there’s still hope to make him visible using the Chaand raat ras.

They search for it but found only few drops of it. They wonder about the bottle that has Chaand raat ras. Adrishi asks if Mohana had it but Nishant says that if Mohana took it then she would have become the Queen and wouldn’t have spared them. Nishant sees footprints of five people and wonders who are they. He collects the few drops of ras in order to help Adrishi.

Ansh and the family hear lift found and goes to find five strange green people entering with the chaand raat ras and keeps it in front of them. They leaves immediately after that leaving them confused.

Naman says Saanvi about him seeing a very different place and feels as if Dilruba is present there. When they are talking Nishant comes there and says that he has got her brother with him. Nishant is about to mix the ras into a potion when Saanvi asks him if this will be enough for making Adrishi visible.

Nishant says that it’s less but they could try. Soon he gets Piya’s call who says about the five strange people. Nishant assures to look into the matter. Nishant is about to mix the ras when Saanvi stops him. She says that they could identify about the strange people using the ras.

Nishant says that this ras is the last potion left for him to cure his son and he won’t waste it. Saanvi reasons that Piya’s whole family can be in danger and he can’t over look it. Nishant gets into a weird situation where he has to choose between Piya and Adrishi. He’s about to drop the potion into the Dayan book but couldn’t make himsekf6to it. But to his utter shocks Adrishi pushes the ras on the book. He says that he can’t be selfish knowing that his whole sister’s family is in danger.

Barkha sees the strange people still waiting for something and shows it to other members. At night everyone’s sleeping when the strange people do a ritual and makes the moon light fall on Barkha. She gets hypnotized and starts sleep walking.

On the the other hand the moon lights falls on the book and it says that they are Chaand Vishi and they are responsible for finding a king or queen for Kali Shakti if none could make it. Piya sees Barkha leaving and informs Ansh of the same.

Barkha is about to drink potion when Ansh and Piya stops her. She couldn’t recall anything. Ansh gets Nishant’s call. They understand that the Chaand Vishi took Mohana with them and also wants Barkha as she pretended to be a Dayan. The vishis takes Barkha away shocking Rathods.

Precap : the vishis try taking Pari too and when she struggles they hypnotize her.