Nazar: 15th January 2020 Written Update: Ansh and Piya struggle to fight with the people

Episode begins with the entire family comes at the balcony when the people are taking away the body of Mahima. Piya says to them that the one you are taking away thinking as the demon is not Mohona but Barkha. Ansh says I don’t think they are understanding your words but Piya tries again.

However didn’t pay attention to words and hold the container up in the air and in front of the moon. A small sort of explosion kind happened in the terrace area.

Suddenly noticed that those people came from the Moon are vanished from there and they are walking on the wall of their house. Ansh says I don’t think they will go away from here without taking the container.

Pari helps them to get the container but still they continue to walk. Ansh threatened them about showing the container but they didn’t pay attention to him. Piya says that I think they are not understanding our words that is why they are ignoring us. Chaitali hears the ring of the phone and says you people handle the matter here I will go and receive the call.

Nishant inform them that those people at their house will go away when the moon will get drowned. He says only 2 minute is left for the word to get drowned and they thought it should inform Pia and Ansh about it. Those people come on the terrace again and the moon is about to get drowned but all of them unites together and leaves Barkha. All the five joined their hands in a points and light comes out from made and the moon which is about to get drowned suddenly halts. Ansh is baffled to see that these people stop the Moon from getting drowned with their powers. The whole family gets shocked with it while on the other side Nishant and Sangvi are trying to find out a solution.

Naman is talking to his kid and says whatever message your mother is trying to convey me but however the message is not reaching out to us.

The people are again approaching the Rathore family and Barkha asked all of them to go from there as he will handle them all but Ansh and Piya are not ready to leave her like that and go from there. those people hold the hand of Pari and Ansh and Piya says leave my daughter there she has done nothing wrong to you. They hypnotized Pari and then Barkha and Ansh says we need to leave from here. They run away from their and tries to get in lift but the lift is taking so much time to enter but the lift is taking too much time to come.

Ansh is trying to get out from the house with the family members but there is no way out and the people are approaching them when Ansh says we have to hide in the house. Naman is trying to find out the cave where his wife is kept with the help of his child Dafli. Ansh and Piya decides that there is only one way out to stop this people that is to miss guide them and somehow divert their mind in any way.

The kid of Naman brought him in the cave where his wife can be. In the Rathore family, everyone is decked up in the look of moon people and the real ones are trying to find them by smelling. Psl latest write the perfume to hide the fragrance of our body.

Precap – Piya says these people came here for Ansh not for Barkha because Ansh is the real heir of black magics post Mohona.