Nazar 16th October 2019 written update: Dec’s evil move with his ally troubles Ansh and Piya

The episode starts with Ansh struggling to walk after curing Piya. He suddenly falls unconscious shocking Piya. Dev enters hearing Priya’s shout. Piya blames Dev for Ansh’s contrition. Dilruba says that her mother is very dangerous and says that she won’t people but swallow them. In the meantime Ansh family come hearing Priya’s shouts. They asks what happened. Piya says that it all happened because of him. She says that Ansh couldn’t come close to her because I D Daivik Raksh Kawach Dravya which can be made only by Daiviks. If not her then its him who should have made it to keep her away from Ansh. Vedashree says that they can’t blame him without any proofs while Dev pretends innocence.

He says that Ansh is in this condition not because not because of him but her. Dilruba and Naman discuss about ways to escape from her mother. Dev says that if there’s two Daivik in a place and a Kali shakti wants to come close to one Daivik then this what will happen. Piya asks him to leave if that’s the case. Dev says that nothing will change if he leaves. He says that their connection is already made and Ansh could be safe only if she stays away from him. Piya feels broken and Dev smirks.

Nishant and Saanvi trusts Priya’s intuition and have doubts on Dev’s intentions. Piya sees Ansh upset and says that none can separate them no Daivik nor no Kaali shakti can keep them separated and asks him not to worry. They remember him saying that he helped Divya to capture black creature. They decide to ask the creatures themselves.

Vedashree gives Sargi to Piya for karwachauth. Piya is doing Tulsi pooja when Dev comes there she asks him to stay away from her path. Dev asks why’s she not accepting that their connection is made and she’s harmful for Ansh. Piya says that the connection between husband and wife is much stronger than his Daivik connection.

She promises to not let any harm touch her husband and she will fight any black power or Daivik to protect her husband. Dev fumes when the Dayaan lady enters. Dev decides to increase the dosage of Dayan Raksh Kawach Dravya to make Piya accept her defeat.

She comes as mehendi artist and applies Daivik Raksh Kawach mixed mehendi on her hands. Dev says that when Piya sees Ansh then duty the kawach Ansh will get hurt.

However before Piya could see Ansh something fall in her eyes and she goes to wash it. Nishant instructs the kids to take Dev’s photo and send him as a secret mission. They did as said. The kids send Ansh to buy gifts for Piya for karwachauth and once again Piya misses seeing Ansh.

Precap : Dev asks Piya to leave this fasting as the morello she fulfills her wife duty the more painful it’s for Ansh. He says that their connection is made with him repairing her knife.