Nazar 17th February 2020 Written Update: Mohana reveals the shocking truth

The episode starts with Piya about to give her vachan when Pandit who’s on Mohana’s clutches tries calling Piya. Piya attends the call but Mohana makes the phone fall from Pandit hand. She urges Piya to complete the vachan ritual and Piya cuts her hand. They both join hands and promise each other.

Mohana promises Piya that she’ll leave their lives forever once she helps her defeating the challenger. Piya promises Mohana that no matter what happens she’ll defeat challenger at any cost. The vachan gets sealed and Mohana reminds her that if she breaks the promise then she’ll die.

Piya leaves saying that she’s not someone to break the promise like her and leaves. Mohana makes Pandit fall off from her clutches and smirks. She thinks that she’s a fool who’s going to kill her own husband and if she fails doing it then she’s going to die because of the promise.

Naman and Nishant were discussing about the challenger when Saanvi comes with the branch with the burning fire. She says that she tried a lot to put it off but it doesn’t go off. Nishant understands that the fire is related to the challenger and it will goes off only by its own mind.

Vedashree calls everyone for mahashivratri preparations. She says that no matter what happens the problems doesn’t seem to leave them and this time they are standing with the person whom they were against the most. Piya comes to call Ansh and Ansh says that he feel so powerful today.

Piya finds it hard to believe when the bowl in her hand falls down but Ansh catches it using his powers. He says his experience with the powers while Piya worries for his extreme power. She decides to inform Nishant but Ansh stops her saying that its nothing big and asks her to let it go.

He says that this is the last night for their fights and then they can live at peace. Ansh and Piya hugs while Mohana watches them hiding. She calls them fools for getting ready to fight against each other.

Vedashree and everyone starts leaving for kuldev temple. Mohana asks how could they go leaving her as challenger may attack her. They ask her to join too. Mohana denies but they gets adamant that they won’t start any work without God’s blessings.

Mohana having no options agrees and goes with them. Nishant brings an injured Pandit. They misunderstand that he was attacked by the challenger. They all decide to go to kuldev temple too to protect Ansh and family. They all come to temple.

Piya asks Vedashree and others to proceed with the pooja while she and Ansh will prepare to attack the challenger. They both along with Mohana makes arrangements who mocks at their stupidity in her mind while Vedashree and others does pooja.

They all get back after completing pooja while Piya and others wonder how to defeat the challenger. Nishant comes with a solution saying that the challenger was born with this fire and only this fire can kill him. Piya pours the fire into the pit and it becomes lava.

Mohana starts laughing and Piya asks why’s she laughing. She says that her challenger is here and no one knows it. She shows Piya Ansh who’s the real challenger. She mocks her that now she has to either kill her husband or die as per promise shocking every one to the core.

Precap : Piya attacks Mohana but Ansh comes in between