Nazar 18th March 2020 Written Update: APURV’S SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY

The episode starts with Palak informing Pandit about the evil creature. Pandit says that with the way she’s describing the feature it seems to be a evil power chameleon. He says that the chameleon can come in any form and asks her to be careful. He says that just like every other being it will have it’s weakness too and asks her to find it. Palak cuts the call and finds Appu laughing under the blanket. She asks why’s he laughing. Appu says that it’s a secret and says that tonight is his surprise birthday party. Soon everyone comes in shouting happy birthday with cake. Appu gets happy and enjoys it.

Palak gets happy seeing him happy. Appu cuts the cake and feeds everyone. He wishes to have super powers like super heroes. Madhu and Palak recalls Appu’s super power and Palak glares Madhu. Appu applies cake all over Hema and Malini’s face. Madhu says that they are throwing fancy dress party like everytime and Palak gets worried about the Joker.
Party is on full swing while Appu finds it difficult to choose a costume. Palak is worried about the joker. Madhu asks is she searching someone but soon finds that it’s the joker seeing its eyes. She gets fooled again and again by various people that she shouts at Daadi thinking her to be Joker. Daadi asks her to bring Appu and she leaves only to get blocked by the Joker.

The Joker comes in his original form of chameleon and holds Palak with its tongue. He hypnotise Palak. Soon the Joker presents in front of everyone as magician. He shows Palak in a box who’s under his control. He says that he’s going to disappear the girl in the box. Madhu thinks that finally she’s throwing Palak out of her way.
The joker is about to make Palak vanish when all of a sudden everyone hears mouth organ music. Appu comes there dressed as Krishna. The evil creature couldn’t tolerate the peacock feather on his pang and suffers. Madhu notices it and understands that the Joker is turning into his original form because of the feather and immediately switches on the glitters.

Using it the joker escapes while Madhu sighs in relief. She thinks that Palak is more smarter than she has thought as she dressed up Appu with feather knowing about the chameleon. Palak also comes out of the evil control and Appu takes her out of the box. Palak looks overwhelmed.

Precap : Daadi asks Madhu to take the pot outside but Madhu sends Palak. Appu follows Palak and notices the chameleon about to attack Palak. Palak comes home to find Appu missing. Watchman says Appu went out calling Palak.