Nazar 18th September 2019 written update: Bhasmika tries freeing Mohana but fails.

The episode starts with Piya warning Bhasmika to stay away from her kids. Bhasmika asks her to say this to her kids. Piya tries calling Adi and Pari but they couldn’t hear her. Bhasmika asks the kids if they didn’t sleep yet. Pari asks Piya to tie her hair before sleeping. Bhasmika smirks and ties two plats on her air and Pari feels weird. She says Adi that whenever her mother ties two plats she will tie devi maa holy thread around it to keep it in control. Adi goes to Bhasmika and Bhasmika fears seeing him. He asks her to come to room but she says that she’ll come in sometime.

Bhasmika comes to Mohana statue and informs her that she’s Bhasmika and not Piya. She says that she’s here to free her. She touches the cage and Ansh senses it. He takes his bird form and goes to check on Mohana. Bhasmika opens the cage and hides when Ansh comes. Ansh decides to stay there till they reach and Bhasmika worries. They all reach Badhal and decides to tie Mohana using magic forever. They pour all the elements around her. Vedashree says that she already gave so many chances to her but she always backstabbed them. She says that from now she will be locked here forever. Pandit says that it takes a day to lock up Mohana and everyone worries. Guruma says that there’s only one other way to make it possible and its Devi maa.

Naman and Saavi are examining Bhasmika’s ash but couldn’t figure out anything. Dilruba is selecting hotels for honeymoon and asks Naman’s suggestion. In the process she drops a chemical and the ash starts burning but soon it consumes the fire. Saavi realizes that Bhasmika is still alive.

Ansh and his family are praying in front of Devi maa. They pray to seal Mohana forever. Bhasmika is also present hiding there and decides to do something before they seal Mohana. She couldn’t enter the magical guard. Anshan d his family are still praying while Bhasmika tries breaking the magical shield. She enters the guard using her Dayan plat and Mohana wakes up. Mohana praises Bhasmika for her smartness and Bhasmika says that there’s not much time for them. Mohana realizes that she’s in Badhal and puja going on. She thinks of a way to escape and asks Bhasmika to use Piya’s Devi knife and break the magical shield. Bhasmika does has she says and she finds the bracelet. The bracelet breaks the magical shield and Mohana starts leaving. However Mohana couldn’t move and she pushes Bhasmika out before the shield closes. Devi maa’s last lamp too lights up and the shield gets complete. Anshan d family comes there and sighs in relief that their job is done. They leaves and Mohana opens her eyes and asks Bhasmika to do what she couldn’t do. She asks her to marry Ansh and that’s enough for her. However Mohana seems to have something in her mind.

Precap: Bhasmika burns kids’ football and says that she hates kids. Guruma realizes that she’s not Piya.