Nazar 2 10th March 2020 Written Update: PALAK GETS THROWN OUT OF THE HOUSE

The episode starts with Palak saying a story to Appu who says that he will teach English to her. He drinks milkshake in the meantime. On the other hand Madhu is creating a black shadow man to use for her plan. She decides to find the stone some how to complete her plan.

Palak finds something in Appu’s milkshake bottle and gets confused. Madhu uses her powers and finds that the stone is in Appu room. She sneaks in to find Appu and Palak sleeping. She searches in the house and finds the stone in the pebble jar. She takes it away before Palak could find it. Everyone gets out sensing some smoke. Palak too goes out to check on the smoke.

In the meantime Madhu uses the stone on Appu and makes him under her control. She asks him to shout and Palak comes running towards him. She finds Appu getting into the wall and the evil power comes out in the form of Appu. Palak gets shocked when the evil power asks her to stab him in order to save Appu.

Palak gets confused but the evil power makes her weak and plays with her mind. Palak stabs it getting into his words and everyone witness it. They all get shocked seeing it. Palak keeps shouting that he’s not Appu but Appu is inside the wall but none believes her.

Urvashi blames herself for not believing Madhu and keeping Palak in the house and calls Palak mad. Madhu throws Palak out of the house despite her pleadings. Madhu asks Hema and Malini to call the doctor.

Doctor checks the duplicate Appu and says that the injury is not big. Madhu finds the fake Appu disappearing into smoke and decides to get the real Appu out of the wall as soon as possible else he will die and her dream of Ekayaan will remain unfulfilled.

Palak comes back to her house and says what happened to MaMa and Maami. They taunt her and throws her out of the house too.

Precap : Guruji reveals to Palak about the Dayan and says its none other than Madhulika shocking Palak