Nazar 2 11th March 2020 Written Update: PALAK LEARNS MADHU’S SHOCKING TRUTH

The episode starts with Palak’s Uncle and Aunt taunting her for choosing her in laws over them and giving back the cheque to them. They taunt that they are not here for any charity trust and throws her out the house. Palak hears Naina’s voice from inside and tries going to her but her Uncle and Aunt stops her. They asks her to leave the house else they would reveal about her insane husband to her sister. Palak leaves having no option. On the other hand Madhu takes Appu out of the wall and tries hypnotizing him again but Appu falls unconscious. She drags him to room to replace him with fake Appu. While she’s about to keep Real Appu on bed Urvashi and everyone comes inside. Madhu lies that Appu fell from bed while she went to fetch water. They keep him properly on the bed.

Palak is on the road recalling all the moments of her life. She gets phone from a couple and calls Daadi to enquire about Appu. Daadi says he’s fine and behaves rude with her. She asks her to never enter the house again nor contact them anymore as she has turned out exactly opposite of what they wanted her to be. Palak is about to faint pained but the couple holds her water. Palak leaves saying that she will take care. Daadi informs Urvashi about Palak’s call. Urvashi despises Palak and blames herself for thinking her to be the saviour. Madhu thinks that they are not aware what’s going to happen and asks her to wait and watch.

Palak is sitting in temple crying her heart out. She says that all that happened to her is no any imagination but the truth but none believes her. Guruji comes there and says that he believes. He says that a Dayan is there in the house shocking Palak. Next day Matarani procession is taking place when Pandit reveals that its none other than Madhu who’s the Dayan shocking Palak. She denies believing it saying that Madhu loves Appu a lot. Guruji says that a Dayan never loves anyone except herself. She can even kill her own husband and son if they come in her way. Madhu is waiting outside Appu’s room to give the milkshake but he’s still asleep. Urvashi comes to check on him but Madhu sends her away afraid that Appu will reveal the truth.

Guruji finds Palak saving a kid and finds her as Matarani’s blessings. He asks Palak to help him in defeating Madhu and she agrees. While Urvashi is leaving Appu gains conscious and she’s rushes inside. She asks how he’s. Appu looks at Madhu and says that he won’t talk with her and he’s angry at her. Madhu tries making him drink the milk shake but he didn’t drink. He says about Madhu using the stone on him causing him pain and keeping him inside the wall. Urvashi recalls Palak saying the same. Madhu gets shocked.

Precap : Matarani prayers takes place in the house while Palak watches it hiding. Madhu finds it difficult to hear the prayer