Nazar 2 16th March 2020 Written Update: PALAK AND PANDIT TRIES EXPOSING MADHULIKA

The episode starts with everyone asking Palak that what’s she doing there. Daadi is the most angry of all and asks her to leave the house. Palak says that her Maama and Maami abandoned her and she has no where to go. Daadi says that she has put Apurv’s life in danger and they can’t risk his life again by letting her in. Madhu begs them to give a place in the house but they starts throwing her out. Madhu recalls Palak saying that she’ll expose her true self. Madhu stops them and asks them to let Palak stay there.

Urvashi asks how could she say so as she has already put Appu’s life ij danger. Daadi too agrees and asks her how could she do this as she’s the one who wants to throw her out of the house from start. Madhu agrees doing so but she says that at the time she was thinking as Apou’s sister but this time she’s thinking as a girl. She says that whether they like it or not Palak is the house’s bahu and they can’t let her suffer on streets.

Urvashi worries about Appu’s safety. Madhu asks them to consult with Pandit before taking any decision and they agrees with it. Madhu is sure that Pandit will definitely agree as he’s the one who sent Palak there. She wonders why did he send a normal human like Palak to expose a powerful Dayan like her. However she decides to not let Palak come in her way.

Palak gets reminded of locking Appu in room and rushes to free him only to find Madhu convincing Appu that whatever happened is just his dream and giving him milkshake.

Palak feels bad for Appu for the way he’s getting betrayed by Madhu and decides to expose her at any cost. Next day at Holi everyone are discussing with Pandit. Madhu finds Palak planning with Pandit. Appu colors Madhu and Palak and they all start dancing. Palak and Madhu dances too keeping their grudge.

At a point Palak feels weak due to her heartache and takes a break while Madhu continues dancing. Palak mixes something in water tub and Madhu falls into it. Madhu starts burning inside the water in Dayan form and wants to come out and gets worried of exposing. She finds colors kept around the pool and when she jumps out the water and throws the color powders. She gets covered by colors that none could recognise her.

Everyone starts panicking seeing Dayan and Appu gets terrified. Pandit instructs Palak to show Dayan mirror in front of Madhu to expose her. Palak shows Dayan mirror and Madhu starts getting exposed. However Appu gets stuck in the crowd and everyone starts stamping him while running. Appu calls out for Palak to help but Pandit asks her to continue else Madhu will escape.

Unable to bear Appu in trouble Palak drops the mirror and rushes to Appu. Madhu makes use of the situation and escapes. Urvashi and everyone finds Palak protecting Appu. Later Palak apologizes Pandit for leaving in the middle but Pandit asks her not to as he has sent her to protect Appu and she did the same.

Precap : Madhu sends a evil chameleon to. Kill Appu to prevent suspicion. The chameleon comes dressed as a joker and is about to give a balloon to Appu but Palak intervenes.