Nazar 2 17th March 2020 Written Update: MADHU SENDS EVIL CHAMELEON TO KILL PALAK

The episode starts with Madhu coming to the evil world. She looks at her burns and recalls Palak pouring the liquid into the waters. She screams for Palak. Appu who was scared asks Palak if Dayan Aunty will return but Palak assures him that she won’t and asks him to rest. Urvashi says Palak that she was angry at him for what he did with Appu but the way she saved Appu risking her own life yesterday made her anger away. She asks her to take care of Appu. Madhu on the other hand goes to another evil power to finish Palak as if she does it everyone may start doubting her.

Urvashi warns Palak about the Dayan and asks her to ve careful. Palak is about to reveal Madhu’s truth to Urvashi. She says that she wants to say something about Madhu. Madhu comes there and asks if she wants to complain about her. She denies and says that she was missing still Dayan entry and that’s why asked about her. Urvashi too asks Madhu where did she go. She says that she has gone to complete some work and she’ll finish it soon referring to Palak.

The evil power who’s actually a shape shifter is in the park in the form of clown. He shows a magic balloon to children and arrests a child in the balloon and the flies up in the air with the kid. Other kids runs away fearing. Appu and Palak are in the park and Appu is showing all his favorite places in the park. Appu sees the clown and is about to go to him but Palak gets Naina’s call and holds Appu.

Naina sounds tensed and Palak gets worried while Appu releases his hand and goes to the clown asking for balloon. Palak finds the guy suspicious and stops Appu from getting balloon from him. The clown holds Madhu’s hands asking her to accept the balloon but she leaves denying it.

Palak comes home with Appu and promises ti get him more balloons the next day. Dadi scolds Palak for leaving without informing anyone and reminds her about the Dayan. Palak stands listening to her scolding when Urvashi comes to her rescue. Urvashi says nothing bad has happened and asks her to go to room with Appu. Palak leaves. Madhu is with the evil chameleon and asks if he has seen his prey. He says he did and will soon finish her off. Palak gets Pandit call and goes to the terrace. She finds a mark in her hand in the form of patches die to the holding of the clown. She shows it to Pandit who says that it must be some evil power by Madhu

Palak gets Naina’s call and excuses herself. Naina says about loan people throwing them out of the house but Pandit is here to take them to ashram. Palak wonders how can Pandit be there when he’s there. She turns to find the clown in the form of Pandit. Urvashi on the other hand says to Madhu and Daadi that she feels Palak got trapped by Dayan so that they could throw her out of the house.

Palak tries running away but the chameleon pushes her off the terrace and Palak is hanging. Madhu finds her hanging feet. She asks her not to trust Palak so easily and Daadi agrees with her. Palak is suffering holding the railing when Appu comes there. The chameleon escapes while Appu saves Palak. Palak hugs him feared and Appu consoles her. Madhu gives a last chance to chameleon to kill Palak before the next sunrise else she will kill it.

Precap : evil clown attacks Palak.