The episode starts with a family trying to plant a huge Trishul in their house with the help of Pandit. Mannu di is praying for it while the Pandit says that the Trishul will give power for the other four Trishul placed outside the house to prevent the Dayan from entering the house. A Dayan is seen roaming on a terrace. Narmada Daadi asks if the Dayan will not reach their house at all.

The Pandit says that ot may not reach the house but it has already reached the city. Pooja takes place and Pandit starts leaving when they find police and ambulance around the area. He asks Urvashi about it who says that a murder took place in the nearby building where a 20 year old guy named Sourav has died. The body gets revealed and everyone gets shocked seeing him turned old. Urvashi gets trouble in breathing while Pandit says that Dayan has reached even their locality.

Narmada Daadi, Urvashi and Madhu are discussing about the Dayan. Daadi says that the Dayan has already killed her son and now came for her grand son too. Urvashi intakes respiratory medicine and worries for her son. They say that they should do their Apoorv’s marriage as soon as possible. Dayan is seen coming towards their house. Mannu’s sisters inform them that the bride’s family is here. Mannu asks if they called them without checking about their background. She says she wants the best for her Appu. Urvashi says that they shouldn’t say no without meeting them.

Mannu goes to check on Appu. Appu is seen  dressing in his formal suit and Mannu praises him for being handsome. She says he deserves a beautiful wife. A parallel is shown where a girl named Palak is also getting ready to meet her groom. Her sister Naina praises her beauty and the parallels are shown. Soon someone catches Naina’s ears and she winces in pain. It turns out to be their Maami who scolds them for their dreamland. She treats both brutally while Palak begs her maami to leave Naina. She finally leaves and asks Palak to behave in front of the groom.

Palak and Apoorv meets their respective bride and groom. Apoorv sees ladoos and immediately rushes and takes it. It is revealed that he’s mentally unstable. On the other hand Maami threatens Palak to keep her mouth shut but Palak reveals that she has hole in heart and she’s ill. Both the groom and bride insult Palak and Apoorv in  parallel and leaves the place. A furious Maama beats Palak. Urvashi gets trouble in breathing and Mannu helps her.

Apoorv is crying in his room and Mannu says that he’s not at fault and asks him not to worry. She puts him to sleep and spots someone bear window. The Dayan is present outside the room and goes to terrace only to find Mannu there. She says she can’t come near her brother no matter what happens. The Dayan attacks Mannu while Mannu reveals herself to be a Dayan. She reveals that its her who wants to kill her brother and the other Dayan is innocent. They both fight.

Precap : Mannu Dayan is the one who killed her own father. Mannu kills Apoorv.