Nazar 2 19th March 2020 Written Update: Appu goes missing from the house

Episode begins with the family members are happy with the way birthday party of Apurva went really well and it was properly done. Everyone is happy that the idea of Palak worked well and Apurva is very happy as he is jumping with joy. Suddenly Madhu reminds all of them that they have forgotten the ritual of keeping a matka with the name of Apurva on the road like every year they did on his birthday.

Everyone remembered that it was pending and Dadi says if not Madhulika then nothing can go in our house smoothly. His mother says I completely forgot about it and then they prepared the pot. Dadi says we have to prepare for it soon as this needs to be done before the sunset. The mother of Apurva asks Madhulika to go and keep the pot at the joining of the road.

Apurva suddenly comes and asks you to come with him and open the birthday gifts and also take advantage of this situation. She suggested why not we are sending Palak to do the work as she is the wife of a fool and she can do it as well. She thinks that if we send Palak then my motive of removing Palak from my part will be fulfilled as the chameleon is surely waiting for her outside. Palak remembers the words of pandit ji and she hesitates but then she agrees to do the work because it is for Apurva.

Palak goes out of the house when Apurva also follows are because he thinks she will get scared alone. In the lift, Palak meets panditji who removes the sign of that reptile from her hand and sells now we will not be able to recognise you and due to this feathers of peacock his eyesight has become weak as well. Apurv is following Palak but she doesn’t know that he is coming behind her. Palak comes at the four point area of the road and keeps the pot. She doesn’t know that the reptile is looking for her with that sign only. Apurva noticed that band around the pot and it was shining for him to get attracted normally. He removes the band and wears it on his hand and as a result that reptile made him his prey. Palak comes back home and finds out that Apurva is missing and nobody knows where he is.

Everybody says that he must have gone behind you as he was continuously saying that you will get scared alone. Palak says I don’t even have any clue that he is coming behind me and Palak goes to the same area where she kept the pot when Madhulika comes there and tries to find out from her about Apurva because she feels it is Palak who hides her brother so that no one can reach out to him. Pandit Ji is coming to help out and to save her from Madhu but Madhu attacks him and takes Palak to a place where no one can find out about her. Palak says don’t show off that you are very worried for Apurva because you are the one who wants to harm him the most. Madhu left from there leaving Palak unconscious. On the other side, the reptile is trying to take Apurva away.

Precap – Palak opens her eyes as the sign on her back starts to sparkling.