Nazar 2 20th February 2020 Written Update: NARMADA’S DECISION TO SHOCK MADHULIKA

The episode starts with Madhulika fighting with the other Dayan while Madhu is seen more powerful than the other Dayan. She’s about to kill the other Dayan when few guys in their neighbourhood comes there to find Madhu Didi’ s true face.

They asks what’s she doing and Madhulika leaves the other Dayan and kills the guys by eating their soul. The other Dayan escapes in the meantime. Mohana tells that she’s that Dayan who killed her own father when he gets to know her truth. She also says that it’s her who killed Saurav. She recalls killing them. She says that it’s her who made Ansh in this condition. Madhu says that her idiotic family members are keeping kawach to protect the house from Dayan.

The thing that they didn’t know is Dayan is already in their house. She says that she’s the reason for Apoorv’s condition. She says that she’ll not let him get married. She recalls mixing drugs in his milk shake before meeting the bride’s family. She says that she will kill her own brother and will soon become a powerful Ayaan. She says that now no one can stop her. Neither a Dayan nor Davansh nor Daivik.

At Palak side Palak is seen praying to Durga Maa idol she says that she didn’t feel bad when she was treated like a servant in her own house nor when she got old clothes to wear or when she was identified by the the hole in her heart. She says that she doesn’t care about anything but only her sister.

She looks at a sleeping Naina. She prays to Durga Maa to extend her lifetime till she gets settled in her life. The Daivik symbol at her neck glows. At home Urvashi and everyone panics about the guys killed on the terrace.

Madhu’s sisters Hema and Malini say that the Dayan has reached the terrace of their house. Urvashi says that she needs to arrange for Apoorv’s wedding as soon as possible. Madhulika asks how’s it possible as the girl has to be good for her brother.

Narmada Daadi says that she has already fixed the alliance who agreed to get their daughter married as she’s paying them 2 crore. She says that the marriage will happen tonight shocking Madhu. She gets determined to stop the marriage.

Palak is making sweets and gives few Prasad to her friend Chintu for his interview as prasad. Her sister comes there who feels bad that she has to quit her studies in her 5th standard just to make her study. She promises to make her study once she gets her salary.

Palak asks her not to worry about it as she’s already doing correspondence. She sees the sweets ordered by Aooorv’s family. Urvashi and Narmada greets the bride while Madhulika looks angrily at her. Narmada takes the bride in. Pandit asks Hema and Malini to decorate the entrance with Basma.

They see both Basma and red powder but takes red power and decorates the entrance with it. Palak comes there with the sweets and steps on the red powder entering the house indirectly performing grah pravesh. Madhu waits for the right time ro kill the bride.

Precap : Apoorv and Palak’s first meet