Nazar 2 20th March 2020 Written Update: Palak is attacked by Girgit

Nazar 2 20th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Madhulika is walking on the street and is thinking maybe he had taken Apu with himself and due to the effect of the peacock feather he is not able to see properly and that is why maybe he is not able to distinguish between Palak and Apurv.

Suddenly she noticed a toy of Apurva lying on the road and she thinks that we both are blood connected siblings and that is why I can find him out by using anything of his touch. She takes a strand of her hair and throws it into the air which transforms into a ball and she hits the ball with the bat of Apurv. She said to herself now this ball will show me the path to Apurv. She is following the ball and the ball is leading her to the truck. She was going to approach the track but was stopped by the pandit. He says to her today I will cut your hair and then I will trap you forever.

Madhulika says that there is no one in the world who can trap me and is going to attack him but he showed her the holy sign of trishul and she stopped and says that you are lucky because I have to go to save Apu right now or else I will show you what I can do. Palak opens her eyes as the sign of trishul on her back sparkles. She slowly stands up and remembered that in her childhood she used to learn in the school that chameleon mostly found in the areas of stone or jungle. So she decided to go there to save Apu from the grip of that Girgit. Girgit is torturing Apu so much and he is crying to him to let him go away from there as he is getting scared with his tactics.

Palak reached the place and decided to rescue Apu at any cost. She says to the Girgit to let Apu go from there she will be with him as Madhulika asks him to kill Palak and not Apurv. Girgit didn’t pay attention to the words of Palak and attack on her. Apu is crying to him to let Palak go and don’t hurt her but Girgit is not ready to listen. He made some huge chunk of stones fall on Palak and Apu is getting tortured by Girgit.

Suddenly the Trishul sign on the back of Palak sparkles again and she opens her eyes and this time there is fire in those eyes and she is looking at the Girgit with so much theory and anger. She just comes in front of Apu to save him from the attack of Girgit. She turns around and strikes back on the chameleon and he is taken aback with the sudden counter attack from her side. She throws him away to a distance and Apu is amazed to see Palak is fighting with the bad person.

Precap – Panditji is telling the sister of Palak that Palak is blessed with divine powers and he has seen enough examples of it.