Nazar 2 21st February 2020 Written Update: MADHULIKA KILLS APPU’S BRIDE

The episode starts with Palak entering the house walking om the red powder. Her footprints gets identified on floor. Pandit and Urvashi sees this. Pandit says that it’s a good sign that too at the time of wedding. Palak enters with the ladoos and goes towards Apurv’s room. Apurv is playing the mouth organ and the other Dayan is listening happily looking at Apurv. When Palak is about to enter his room her maami calls her for work.

Palak keeps the ladoos on the table outside his room and starts going. Apurv sees the ladoos and stops singing. He takes the ladoos and looks at Palak whose back is visible. He takes it and goes inside.

Palak too sees only his back side. The Dayan tries entering the house but Urvashi had put various things around Apurv’s room to prevent Dayan entering his room and gets irked.

Maami gives a golden Ganga jal Kalash to Palak and asks her to take it home. Palak knows that it’s wrong. She finds matarani idol and keeps the ganga jal Kalash back on the plate. She apologizes for her Maami’s mistake.

Madhu enters the bride’s room and sends everyone out. She sings her Dayan music and asks her to run away from the marriage but it doesn’t affect the bride. The bride says that Daadi has tied the Raksha Dhaaga around her feet. Madhu gets irked. Soon Urvashi comes with other ladies to bring the bride to mandap.

Madhulika sees a photo frame and gets an idea. She removes the nail from the photo frame and makes the bride step on the nail resulting in the bleeding of her feet. She sends everyone out saying that she’ll bring the bride to mandap dressing her wound. Everyone leaves.

Daadi sees Apurv having ladoos and scolds him for it. She threatens to inform Madhu didi. She asks him to get ready for the wedding for the happiness of Madhu Didi and he agrees. Madhulika brings the first aid box to the bride and asks her to remove Raksha Dhaaga to tie bandage. She removes it and keeps it on the bed sheet. It flies in air and hits Madhulika revealing her Dayan form.

The bride runs away scared while Madhulika runs after her. Pandit asks Hema and Malini Where’s the bride as guests are waiting. Hema and Malini plays kusuc and starts dancing to entertain the guests.

On the way Madhu meets Apurv who asks her silly questions. She sends him inside the room with some excuse and goes after the bride. No one could hear her scream due to the loud Music while Madhu catches the bride and kills her.

Maami calls Maama and informs about bride death and decides to make use of the situation by getting Palak married there. They plan a devious plan. Maama gives Naina photo to driver who hits her with his truck.

Precap : Nazar promo