Nazar 2 25th February 2020 Written Update: VISHALA ATTACKS APPU

The episode starts with Madhulika asking Daadi and her mother Urvashi to take care of Appu as she goes to get the rakth. She thinks that that if the rakth comes home then she may not be able to stay there. She decides to kill Vishala using the rakth so that they believe Dayan is dead and will not think about getting Appu married to anyone.

From then she can peacefully kill Appu on Amavasya to become the powerful Dayan. She leaves to get it. Appu gets a huge gift in parcel and gets excited. He thinks that Madhu has sent it. Urvashi and Daadi feels reluctant to open the gift and leaves to call Madhu.

Appu in the meantime leaves taking the gift to his room. He opens it to find Vishala. He asks if Madhu di has sent a friend in parcel. He gets happy and asks for her name. She says she’s Dayan. Appu makes fun of it and soon sees her long nails. Urvashi calls Madhu and asks if she has sent any gift to Appu.

Madhu denies and Urvashi sends Hema and Malini to check on Appu. Appu gets under the bed to show a gift to Vishala. Vishala senses Hema and Malini coming there and hides immediately. Appu asks about his Dayan friend but Hema and Malini leaves thinking that he’s dreaming.

The Dayan appears in front of Appu again and starts eating his soul. Hema and Malini informs about saying something about Dayan. Madhu who’s on phone hears it too.

Daadi takes the Ganga Jal and they all rush to Appu’s room only to find Vishala killing him. They pour Ganga Jal on her and she leaves in fear. Appu fears and panics while others console him.

Urvashi and Daadi discuss about how to get Appu married soon as Dayan has reached io this extend. Maami suggests about Palak who’s in need of money and they agrees to get him married with Palak. Mama and Mami informs Palak about the offer.

Palak hesitates on hearing about marriage but they persuade her into accepting it and says that the boy is also ill like her. Palak gets onto thinking. Daadi is keeping flowers and other materials on the entrance to stop Dayan and Vishala comes there. She gets irked when she couldn’t enter.

Daadi wonders if the girl agreed or not. Vishala breaks the wall and enters the house. They all run away with Appu to the lift. Mami who without Palak consent agreed for the marriage gets shocked when they asks them to bring the bride right now to get married in temple.

Mama signals doctor and Doctor goes to Naina and removes all the equipments from her body. He shifts her normal ward as they didn’t pay money yet. Palak agrees to the marriage for treating Naina.

Mohana gets worried that the marriage is going to take place and gets angry on Vishala. Appu and his family are in car and Dayan Vishala is following them. They gets feared.

Precap : Vishala attacks Appu’s car and Madhulika comes there.