Nazar 2 27th February 2020 Written Update: MADHULIKA’S CUNNING PLAN

The episode starts with Madhulika running getting angry seeing Palak and married. She thinks that all her powers are gone but thankfully that day poornima raat and she’ll get her powers that day itself. She decides to not let Palak live in the house at any cost.

At night she performs rituals to get her powers back. At the same time Palak too enters the house performing her grahpravesh. All of a sudden the moon hides behind the the clouds and Madhulika couldn’t get her complete powers. Appu finds Hema and Malini decorating his bed who clears that it’s for his wife alias their bhabhi.

The family welcomes Palak in and Urvashi asks Palak that if she’s aware of Appu’s condition. Maama and Maami fears getting caught. Palak recalls Maama and Maami saying that Appu is ill and nods yes. Madhu is confused whether she really knows that he’s mentally ill.

Urvashi says that it’s difficult for her to understand whatever happened today but asks for her to believe that they will reveal everything one day. She says that she don’t want to spoil her life and once a again confirms if she’s aware of his condition. Palak again nods yes.

Urvashi is about to take her in but Madhu stops her and gifts her chain as shagun. She’s about to make her wear it but finds matarani’s idol in her idol and gives it in her hands. She praises her for accepting to marry despite knowing the problems of the house.

Palak says that every family has problems and she can understand it. She says if she has any problem she could make them understand it.

Madhu realizes that she doesn’t know the truth and decides to play her game. She asks urvashi to take her in and decides to play her game. Maama and Maami asks for money. Daadi says that she’ll pay. Madhu asks Appu to dress up good for his first night. Palak comes inside the room and gets shocked seeing Appu’s condition.

Precap : Palak runs away shocking the family. Madhulika smirks