Nazar 2 28th February 2020 Written Update: Palak runs away frightened

The episode starts with Palak getting shocked seeing Apou’s condition. She recalls Maami and Urvashi’s words and feels betrayed. She starts running out of the house in fear and reaches the lift. Urvashi tries stopping her but she runs away. Madhulika gets happy seeing it.

Urvashi says Daadi about what happened. They both are about to follow her when Madhulika stops them. She says that when she can’t tolerate APPU for five minutes then how can they expect her to be with him forever. They say that she didn’t see what they saw and says what happened in temple. Urvashi says that she’s the right girl for Appu who can save him from Dayan.

Madhu understands the reason for her powers not working. She says that if she wants to return then she’ll return on her own and asks them not to take tension. How ever Daadi and urvashi are adamant and goes to find Palak.

Palak asks her Maama and Maami that why did they hide the truth from her. Maami says that she has already said that he’s ill and she didn’t hide anything. Palak says that ill and having child like heart are two different things. Urvashi and Daadi comes there and gets shocked knowing that Palak didn’t know the truth.

Urvashi says that she can understand that how much she might feel betrayed and says that she really asked them to say the truth to her. Maami makes excuse that it slipped her mind in tension. Urvashi says that her Appu was not like this and shows her pictures of old Appu. She says that an accident made him into this and on Pandit’s advice they got him married for the girl to cure him.

Urvashi says that the decision is in her hands and gives them money as promised. She says its her choice to come back or not and leaves. Madhu on the other hand is waiting for clouds ro clear to get her powers back. Maama and Maami are happy that they got the money and Palak hears it. She goes to matarani and seeks her help in taking the decision. Wind blows and the sindoor falls on her. She recalls her marriage with Appu.

Palak runs to Urvashi and confesses that they are very good and she wants to reveal some truth to them too. She says that she has hole in her heart and doesn’t have much time left to cure their son. She hopes for them to find the right girl for their son and returns the money.

Urvashi asks about her sister treatment. She says that matarani will definitely help her and she’ll pray for their son too. She says that they’ll definitely find the right girl for their son. Urvashi holds her and says she has already found the girl.

Precap : Palak comes back to house and Madhulika performs ritual to get back her powers