Nazar 2 2nd March 2020 Written Update: PALAK AND APPU BECOMES FRIENDS

The episode starts with Madhulika is happy that all her hindrance have let the house and she can peacefully get back her powers. She starts performing the ritual. Palak comes there with Urvashi and Daadi while Hema and Malini welcomes her with grahpravesh as this is the right time when she actually enters the house as bride.

Dayan Vriksh starts spreading over Madhulika and at the same time Palak performs grahpravesh. The Trishul which Pandit has kept to protect the house gains its power once Palak steps into the house and falls on Madhulika stopping her from becoming Dayan.

Appu finds Madhu on floor and shouts for everyone comes to her.
Pandit says that the Trishul has stopped something evil to not happen in the house and asks them not to get worried. Madhulika gets shocked hearing it as she has made it power the same day while it was kept using her powers. She wonders if really it is because of Palak like Daadi said.

Urvashi says Palak not to worry as Appu is harmless. She says that hr just sees the world with a child in his heart unlike them. She asks her to become friends with him and they will definitely get along each other well. She asks her to go to Appu’s room.

Madhulika without her Dayan powers tries reaching Appu’s room holding the wall and finds it difficult. She thinks to never let Appu close to Palak. Before she could reach the room Palak enters and she hides. Appu asks why did she come back after running away afraid. Palak stands mum and asks if she came to play with him and she agrees with him. He asks pinky promise from her to not leave him at any cost.

Palak too promises the same. Madhu fumes hearing it. He finds her bag and asks where William she keep her things as he don’t have place in the cupboard. Palak says that she’ll keep it in her bag itself but asks him a place for matarani idol alone. He goes to balcony and keeps matarani in a shelf in the balcony.

Madhu who’s near to the idol gets attacked by matarani powers and falls down. Hema and Malini mocks at her. Madhu adjusts the idol and finds Appu too praying and smiles.

Madhu comes at night and Appu waits for Madhu to read story and give him milkshake. Palak is about to sleep on bed but he shows her his own made separate bed for her and smiles. She says she’ll read story for him but finds only English books which she can’t understand.

She herself narrates a story and puts Appu to sleep. Madhu who’s waiting with the Dayan Basm mixed milk shake outside the room gets shocked seeing Appu sleeping without her story telling and goes to find another way.

Precap :Madhu throws Dayan Basm and Appu gers violent and hurts Palak