Nazar 2 3rd March 2020 Written Update: Palak warming up with Appu

The episode starts with Madhulika having the Dayan Basm in her hand. She decides to use it wisely as she doesn’t have powers to make more Basm. She throws it in air and it forms a fire ball. It reaches Appu’s room. The light disturbs Appu and makes him violent while he starts screaming.

Palak wakes up and goes to him. She tries consoling a fearful Appu but Appu pushes her and she gets hurt in her hand. Soon everyone comes there and starts consoling him. Madhu comes there smirking with the milk shake. She hugs him and makes him have his milk shake. Appu kept saying about the light from the balcony and Palak goes to check it.

Madhu asks him not to get upset as his Madhu di is here. Appu says that it’s not because of her but someone else because of whom he easily got out of his fear. Madhu gets shocked and asks who. He shows Palak and matarani. He says that Palak said that matarani will protect him from all his fears. Madhu looks furious at Appu.

Finally Appu sleeps and Palak says that Appu was saying the truth. She really did saw a light which has turned into ashes soon. Urvashi brushes it off saying it to be party ball light from near by apartment.

Palak asks her permission to visit Naina and Urvashi agrees to send driver with her. She asks her not to worry about money as she’ll give it to her despite Palak denying to take it. She says that she’s a part of the family and has right to take the money. Palak goes.

Urvashi asks about tri raksh which Madhu brought to keep it in home. She decides to keep it while conducting a prayers for matarani and Madhu panics. Palak comes to room and finds ashes on the railing and also on the milk shake bottle brought by Madhu ..

Next day Appu sees flower sellers and gets an idea. Palak is taking care of the arrangements when she sees flower seller and calls for him. The flower seller drops the flowers on her and its revealed to be Appu. Hema and Malini says that it’s usual for him dress up in various attires and speak various things imagining himself.

Palak says about finding black powder in the railing and milk shake bottle. Madhu gets furious at her and asks if she’s accusing her for Appu’s condition. Palak denies when she lashes out at her saying that she cares more about Appu than her. Urvashi asks Madhu to not behave like that with Madhu.

Appu leaves and Palak comes to her room. She finds various matarani drawings on the wall. She asks Appu what’s he doing for which he says that he’s drawing matarani pictures to hang everywhere in the wall so that Dayan aunty doesn’t come in. He say s about Vishala but Palak thinks that it’s his imagination recalling Urvashi’s words.

Palak is holding flowers while her phone rings. She finds it difficult picking it up but Appu helps her. She answers Naina and promises to visit her soon. Urvashi gets happy seeing it. Palak is decorating with flowers when Vishala enters and it all turns black. Palak gets shocked seeing it.

Precap : Palak stabs Appu