Nazar 2 5th March 2020 Written Update: Madhulika fools Palak and potray her as abnormal

The episode starts with Madhu asking Hema and Malini to bring the sindoor from temple and keep it front of the door. She well aware of their stupidity plans something heinous. As expected they kept ashes in front of the door of Sindoor.

Palak while coming with the dupatta gets skid because of Madhu and her hand gets smeared with Basm. Palak showed the dupatta to Urvashi and Daadi but Madhu twists it like its actually her own nail marks and shows her hand which is black due to the rag. Madhu blames her for even marking the walls the black rag too.

Palak takes them to the place where she fell on rag only to find it all clean. Palak cries and asks them to believe that she’s not lying. Appu comes there and scolds Madhu for trying to scare him with Dayan Aunty. Palak feels helpless and gets clueless about the things happening around her.

At night Madhu attaches Vishala’d choti on her hair for time being as she’s totally powerless now. She decides to throw Palak out in just two days. Comes to her room and finds a furious Appu who’s angry at her for lying about Dayan and starts throwing things at her.

One toy hits her Forehead and Appu panics. He apologizes for his behaviour continuously and hugs her. Palak gets shocked. On the other hand Urvashi and Daadi discuss about whether Palak is lying or not. Daadi says that Palak is not lying.

Next day morning preparations are on full swing for Palak’s muh dikayi. Guests keep coming and Appu demands a muh dikayi for himself too for gifts. Urvashi laughs at him and asks Appu to go to Palak’s room. Appu goes to Palak who’s getting decorated by Hema and Malini.

He sends them out saying that they didn’t put make up well and sends them them out. He himself dresses Palak and she gets lost in his care. Madhu comes there and sends everyone out. She adjusted her makeup calling it not looking nice and made her face like a clown.

Precap : Palak stabs Appu.