Nazar 2 9th March 2020 Written Update: Palak in a tight spot

The episode starts with Madhu diverting Appu and tries reaching the body from the balcony. She decides to use the hypnotising stone to make Palak wrong. However she couldn’t enter due ti the matarani idol placed in the balcony.

Appu sees her near the wall and asks what’s she doing there. Madhu says that it’s a game and asks him to take matarani idol without Palak’s knowledge as a part of a game. He did as she said and enters only to find Palak. She immediately jumps on the wall to escape getting caught by her.

In the meantime Palak hears elevator sound and rushes to get maa and Daadi. In the mean time Madhu decides to give back the soul to Pandit though he’ll just live for few minutes. She gives back the soul to him and Pandit blames Madhu for being a betrayer. Madhu uses Hypnotising stone on him and Pandit acts according to her wishes.

Palak brings Maa and Daadi ro show the dead body of Pandit but gets shocked not finding it. Pandit appears our of nowhere saying that he was in the house spraying ganga jal all over the house. Palak gets shocked seeing him.

Madhu comes there and blames Palak for her hallucination. She finds Pandit getting old again and immediately drags him out shutting off Palak who tried questioning her. Pandit in sometime gets old and dies again while Madhu fumes at her failed plan. She decides to throw Palak out by tonight.

Madhu overhears Daadi and Maa taking about Palak. They decides to take Palak to temple in order to get her free from all the worried. Madhu gets irked as they still trust her and decides ti break it once and for all. Madhu visits Naina who asks about her sasural and husband. Appu is searching badly for a toy but couldn’t find it.

He calls Palak while Naina teases her. He asks her where it is and she says the place of where it is kept. He asks her to promise to get 20kg ladoos while coming back and she agrees. He asks her to come back soon and Naina teases her with it.

Mamu signals Palak too come out and she goes. He asks her about the money but Palak says tha she she can’t betray them. He threatens to reveal Naina about her husband being a mentally ill person and in guilty Naina may do something to herself. Palak gets shocked.

Madhulika finds the stone missing and goes to Appu’s room to search it. Appu gets the stone and places it in the pile of pebbles in a jar while Madhu desperately searches for it.

Precap : Madhu hypnotise Appu using the stone making him evil and makes Palak stab him. The family witness it.