Nazar 20th January 2020 Written Update: ANSH BECOMES THE KING OF KAALI SHAKTI

The episode starts with Ansh falling unconscious after having the spiked food. Piya thinks that Ansh has fell unconscious having the food. However Ansh opens his eyes and pins her back to the bed. The family who thought that Ansh would’ve been unconscious rushes to see him only to find him awake. They too think that How’s Ansh not fallen asleep.

To their utter shock Ansh reads their minds exactly and asks them to not play games with him. They wonder how to escape and Ansh understands it too. Piya locks Ansh immediately with the chain and asks everyone to run away. They all enter the lift and waits for Piya only to witness Ansh holding BACK Piya. The lift starts going down when Ansh uses his power and repairs it.

Piya begs him to leave them as they may for and Ansh asks will they try to escape again. Piya assures that they won’t and Ansh releases them. They beg him to atleast let Barkha go as she has nothing to do with the chaos. Ansh intimidates Barkha and asks if she doesn’t want to participate in his celebration and Barkha nods yes.

Saanvi sees Naman writing his will and asks why’s he doing it. Naman says that he doesn’t have any other option as his wife is not willing to come out of the chudail world. He says that he’s naming everything in them and asks them to take care of it. Nishant is worried about Ansh and the family. He blames himself for leaving the pyaas there instead of bringing it with him. Adrishi asks him to find a way to stop Ansh as Piya’s family is in danger. Nishant wonders what to do.

Ansh praises everyone for their arrangements and all stands tensed. Chand Vishis comes there and Ansh sees the moon light falling he introduces Chand Vishis to Rathods and asks them to not make any mistake like last time and gets kidnapped. He says that the other guests are also coming and soon all the Kaali Shakti enters the house shocking the family. Ansh asks them to treat everyone well.

Piya and Barkha performs in the celebration dancing around Ansh. Ansh sees the clear moonlight and starts performing his magic. In the meantime Adrishi too comes with Kaali Shakti and says Piya that she has a message from Nishant. Piya asks him to keep quite and let whatever happen as. Ansh can even hear their thoughts.

Ansh’s Black shield doesn’t come to him add Ansh gets angry. He’s about to catch it when Adrishi stops him. Ansh smirks and says that he deserves death. Piya begs him to not do anything to her brother and apologize him on his behalf. Ansh asks her to wear the black parda to him herself and make him the king and Piya obeys. She stabs him while wearing the Parda but Ansh didn’t get affected. Ansh is about to take away Piya but Piya asks him for a day to spend with her family. Ansh agrees.

Precap : Mohana asks Ansh to kill Piya. Ansh and Mohana about to attack Piya.